Ken Curtis Net Worth

Ken Curtis had an estimated Net Worth of $5 Million. His wealth was earned mainly through professional TV acting roles as well as musical endeavors with Tommy Dorsey Band and Sons of the Pioneers, among other ensembles.

He made memorable appearances in iconic western films such as Rio Bravo and The Searchers. Born July 2, 1916 in Lamar, Colorado.

Early Life and Education

Ken Curtis led an impressive career as an actor, singer, and songwriter. His role as Festus Haggen on Gunsmoke earned him widespread acclaim while greatly increasing his finances. Ken also appeared in other Western TV shows and films such as Have Gun, Will Travel and The Yellow Rose.

Before becoming an actor, he was part of the Sons of the Pioneers singing group and became widely popular through their soothing baritone voice that entranced audiences and contributed to his success.

He was married three times; the first marriage, to Lorraine Page, lasted only for one year from 1943-1944; then in 1952-1964 he wed Barbara Ford (daughter of director John Ford). They divorced two years later but later remarried when Torrie Ahern Connelly died from a heart attack at Fresno in California on 28 April 1991.

Professional Career

Ken Curtis was a celebrated singer and actor, known for his charitable acts. His contributions to entertainment are still celebrated through retrospectives and tributes; most notably for his iconic television role as Festus Haggen on Gunsmoke.

He began his career as a singer for various bands such as Tommy Dorsey’s. Later he performed with Shep Fields & His New Music before eventually joining Sons of the Pioneers singing group in 1949.

His life saw three marriages during his lifetime: first to Lorraine Page in 1943 and they shared two children; later he wed Barbara Ford Ford of director John Ford fame in 1952 (though they divorced two years later); finally marrying Torrie Ahern Connelly until his death in 1991.

Achievement and Honors

Ken Curtis was an amazing actor, singer, and film producer who amassed immense wealth through his endeavors. Perhaps his most notable feat was playing Festus Haggen on Gunsmoke for 11 years – an iconic role which garnered him tremendous renown and earned him an incredible fan base.

Gunsmoke made him famous, yet he continued honing his acting talents through other projects as well. He has worked alongside notable directors like John Ford.

As well as his voice acting work for various Western movies and television shows, he recorded several albums as well as writing songs for famous artists like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Additionally, he married three times; initially to Lorraine Page between 1942-1950; then Barbara Ford between 1952 and 1964 and finally Torrie Ahren Connelly until his death on April 28, 1991.

Personal Life

Ken Curtis expanded beyond acting and singing by diversifying into production work and investing. He collaborated with prominent directors like John Ford and voiced an animated character for additional earnings.

Ken Curtis passed away April 28th 1991 due to a severe heart attack. Born July 1916 and living for over 75 years; Ken was married three times – to Lorraine Page, Barbara Ford and Torrie Connelly.

He played football for Bent County High School’s team and clarinet in its band. While at Colorado College he intended to study medicine but instead decided to pursue music. Additionally, he served in World War II with the US Army.

Net Worth

Ken Curtis was an innovative artist renowned for his contributions in both music and film industries. A popular singer as well as an established actor, his career earned him significant amounts of income over time.

He made his mark on television by portraying Festus Haggen on Gunsmoke for 11 years – appearing in over 300 episodes – appearing 304 episodes total.

Curtis’ filmography includes several critically-acclaimed titles like Out of the Depths, Rio Grande, Don Daredevil Rides Again, The Missouri Traveler and Mr Roberts; in addition he provided his voice for various animated movies. Curtis was also a talented musician and sang with Sons of the Pioneers while performing on Broadway. Born July 2, 1916 in Lamar Colorado United States and passing away April 28 1991

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