Kelli Erdmann Net Worth

Kelli is an American Dancer, Social Media Influencer and Model. She began dancing at five and is best known for her dance videos on TikTok.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her husband Freeman Butler (a video editor) found themselves with extra time on their hands; so they began producing colorful videos on social media to pass the time.

Early Life and Education

Kelli Erdmann hails from Marysville, Washington. As a child she started dancing locally before eventually moving on to Westlake Dance Center in Shoreline for formal training in numerous dance forms including ballet, jazz, contemporary, and lyrical.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her husband Freeman Butler sought relief from everyday routine. To achieve this they decided to try TikTok and post videos.

Soon, they became immensely popular for their synchronized sticker cutout and shuffle dance videos, garnering over 15 million followers across their social media accounts. She serves as an ambassador for various lingerie, makeup and sports brands and can be found active on Tiktok under @hapykelli and Instagram under @kelladactyl.

Professional Career

Kelli Ann Erdmann is an American Social Media Personality, Tiktok Star, Professional Dancer & Choreographer best known for her viral sticker cutout and shuffle dance videos which go viral across multiple social media platforms.

She began her career as a professional dancer, performing in Broadway show Wicked as well as TV shows such as Glee and Fuller House. Additionally, she appeared in various commercials for Dodge, Samsung, Reebok Crocs and My Little Pony.

Kelli turned to dancing videos on Tiktok and Instagram as a form of therapy, spreading hope and positivity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her dancing videos quickly garnered her an immense following on both platforms, leading her to become one of the most followed Tiktok Stars with a large dedicated fan base; her account, Kelladactyl Instagram is popular due to her stylish outfits and endearing smile. Kelli has kept much about her personal life private; few details are known regarding any potential partners for her.

Achievement and Honors

Kelli is an amazing dancer and video editor on TikTok who is widely popular. Her videos are captivating, always featuring her smiling face! Furthermore, she is an accomplished actress – appearing in TV shows such as Glee, Jane the Virgin and Fuller House among others.

She has performed in both Wicked on Broadway and Hairspray Live! on NBC. Additionally, she has appeared in commercials for companies such as Crocs and Samsung.

Kelli was born on April 8th 1992 in Marysville, Washington and stands 5ft tall. She is married to Freeman Butler and active on Instagram as @hapykelli where she has amassed a large following, not to mention earning substantial amounts from brand promotions and social media posts.

Personal Life

Kelli Ann Erdmann keeps her personal life relatively private and so there is limited information regarding any past relationships or her current one. We can however be certain that she is very content in her relationship.

She studied dance at Pilchuck Dance Academy in Marysville, Olympic Ballet in Edmonds and Westlake Dance Center in Shoreline before moving to Los Angeles and enrolling in Edge Performing Center’s scholarship program where she gained expertise in different forms such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, she and Freeman Butler needed a break from their hectic schedules, they turned to TikTok as an outlet to share lighthearted videos. Soon thereafter, the couple became known for sharing synchronized sticker cutout and shuffle dance clips.

Net Worth

Kelli Ann Erdmann has made herself known as an emerging TikTok celebrity and dancer. Her primary source of income comes from creating video clips and dancing videos on TikTok and Instagram – she also boasts various social media endorsements.

At an early age, she began dancing professionally and has performed in many shows such as Wicked on Broadway, Glee, Mighty Med and Jane the Virgin. Additionally, she enrolled in Edge Performing Arts Center’s scholarship program.

She and Freeman Butler reside in Los Angeles. Together they share one adorable child and enjoy spending quality time together. Both parties are content with life and work hard at maintaining it together.

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