Keenan Wynn Net Worth

Keenan Wynn was born on July 27, 1916 in New York City to show business parents; his father was a burlesque and television comedian while his mother was an actress of minor stature.

Wynn was widely respected for his expressive face and eccentric character portrayals in movies and TV shows he appeared in, such as Mad Men. Additionally, he married three times before passing away at age 85 in 2005.

Early Life and Education

Keenan Wynn was born on July 27th 1916 in New York City. His father Ed Wynn, an internationally acclaimed burlesque comedian, and Hilda Keenan (nee Keenan), an established stage actress were part of New York City’s Burlesque scene at that time; their maternal grandfather Frank Keenan (father’s name not remembered here), one of the pioneering Broadway actors to venture to Hollywood was Frank Keenan (Maternal).

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, he was under contract to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, making his most noteworthy film debut in wartime romance film The Clock (1945). Additionally he had leading roles in comedy films The Hucksters (1948) playing D’Artagnan’s servant as well as Annie Get Your Gun (1950).

In 1956, he co-starred on Playhouse 90: Requiem for a Heavyweight alongside his father to help him make a comeback in acting after suffering several setbacks and personal issues.

Professional Career

Keenan Wynn was born into a show business family. His father Ed was an established burlesque comedian while maternal grandfather Frank made waves on Broadway as an actor and theatre producer. Over his career span of 34 to 1986 he appeared in hundreds of films and TV shows as an expressive face often portraying characters with eccentric traits that stood out among their peers.

He began his professional career on Broadway and radio in 1937 before signing a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer during the 1940s and 50s; most notable for his part in The Clock.

Wynn was inspired to pursue acting by his father and both were featured in the original Playhouse 90 television production of Rod Serling’s Requiem for a Heavyweight.

Achievement and Honors

Keenan Wynn enjoyed a lengthy and successful acting career. Known for his versatility in numerous roles, including “The Absent-Minded Professor,” “Playhouse 90: Requiem for a Heavyweight,” and “Son of Flubber,” his film credits included many popular titles like these.

Born into a show business family, Wynn began appearing on Broadway in 1937 before quickly joining Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio where he quickly earned recognition as one of Hollywood’s premier character actors.

He became best-known for his expressive face and frequently earned prominent billing in most film and television roles he appeared in. Additionally, he was highly active in charitable projects and organizations throughout his later life; becoming a member of Westwood Sertoma club up until his death in 1986.

Personal Life

Keenan Wynn was an accomplished American film and TV actor best known for playing supporting roles of unconventional, unusual, or eccentric characters. His distinct feature was an expressive face capable of showing different emotions at all times; additionally he had a penchant for portraying arrogant yet foolish characters in movies.

Over his long career, Wynn appeared in over 150 films and 25 television shows; he was also an established Broadway performer. Born into a prominent show-business family – his father Ed Wynn was renowned for burlesque comedy while Hilda Wynn served as an amateur stage actress – his professional success can be traced back to both parents.

Keenan Wynn was married three times and father to five children; Tracy Keenan is his daughter; Jessica is her granddaughter; Forest Lawn Memorial Park is where his remains rest in Glendale, California.

Net Worth

Keenan Wynn has made considerable profits as an actor. To reach where he is today, he worked tirelessly.

He has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows, while being actively involved with numerous charitable organizations.

Character actor Irving Pichel made his Broadway debut in 1937 with two short roles in Hitch Your Wagon, while concurrently working in radio. For much of the 1940s and 50s, Pichel held an ongoing contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; perhaps his best-known work is as the belligerent drunk in The Clock, one of their classic wartime romance films.

He married three times and gave birth to three children before succumbing to pancreatic cancer at age 82 in California, Los Angeles.

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