Kailas Ferrari Cause Of Death

Lolo Ferrari – Cause of Death

Lolo Ferrari was a jack of all trades. A singer, a guitarist and a race car driver, her accomplishments were legion. She starred in a few films and made several TV appearances in the early days of her career. Her untimely demise was a sad one. Some would say it was an egregious mistake, others would point the finger at her husband, Eric Vigne. This was the first of many tumultuous marriages, the best of which was the tumultuous last. It is no surprise then that she was a harried woman. The one who said that she was only interested in men, is no more. One wonder if this was not the reason for her untimely demise? Besides, her untimely demise was a tragic loss for her peers, fans and foes.

Although she was not a fan of modern day technology, there was a time when she was an unabashed geek and it showed. Several of her former colleagues recall the oddball as she would frequent her home state of Connecticut on a regular basis. In her heyday, she would be considered a top notch sexagen. To her delight, she would occasionally morph into a sexagen. Several of her former mates and co-workers dubbed her the d-mom.

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