Justin Baldoni It Ends With Us Cast

It Ends With Us Cast: Justin Baldoni

Justin Baldoni is the director of the upcoming film adaptation of the popular novel It Ends With Us. His company, Wayfarer Entertainment, has been developing the movie since its debut, but there is no official release date for the film. But he recently shared an update on the script on his TikTok account, announcing that the first draft is finished. He also asked for feedback from fans on the script.

“It Ends With Us” is a romance story about a young man, Ryle Kincaid, and a woman, Lily Bloom. They meet in Boston and develop an intense relationship. The two are threatened by Atlas Corrigan, who wants to get into Lily’s life. Ultimately, he enters her life once again and threatens their relationship. This book has been translated into twenty languages, and was named the Best Romance novel by Goodreads Choice Awards in 2016. While the story is about the romance, there are other themes that speak to many sensitive issues facing women today.

Previously, Justin Baldoni was known as a TV actor, playing Rafael Solano on Jane the Virgin. However, he has now made the jump to feature films, directing Five Feet Apart earlier this year. His latest film, Clouds, is set to be released on Disney+. Interestingly enough, Baldoni also cofounded a production company, Wayfarer Studios, with Ahmed Musol, and his wife, Emily Foxler. Though Baldoni hasn’t publicly confirmed any casting details, his Twitter account has teased the possible role of a character in the upcoming movie.

Besides the movie, Justin Baldoni has been active on social media, sharing videos and giving updates on his company’s projects. He starred in a short series of television shorts called Fancy Nancy, and booked roles in shows such as Counterpunch, Lucifer, and Supergirl. In addition, he produced a film, Smile or Hug, and was married to Emily Foxler in 2013. Since then, he has welcomed a son, Maxwell, and a daughter, Maiya.

Before his debut as a director, Baldoni was a writer. He has published more than twenty novels, including four novellas. He has also written a script for the Disney+ musical Confess, which is based on his own novel. Aside from that, he wrote the author’s note for the film version of The Help. After the success of his first directorial venture, he cofounded Wayfarer Entertainment. If it isn’t a coincidence, Baldoni has been the star of a number of CW shows, including Reign, Supergirl, and Lucifer.

As a producer, Baldoni has optioned the novel for his upcoming project. In July of 2022, the movie was officially finished. At the same time, Baldoni announced that he was going to hire a female director. Although this isn’t a guarantee, it may be that this will be the case. On the other hand, he has been teasing that he is looking for actors to portray the other characters in the book. Hopefully, the cast will be revealed soon.

Until then, the best way to stay informed about the progress of the film is to check out Baldoni’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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