Joseph Jacks

Joseph Jacks – Founder and General Partner at OSS Capital

Joseph Jacks oversees technology services and network operations for East Texas’s largest school district, as well as serving as liaison between IT operations and educational teams.

Jackson faced serious allegations of child molestation during the 1990s. Although he firmly denied such charges, they ultimately led to his acquittal after an exhaustive 14-week trial process.

Early Life and Education

Joseph Jacks is the Founder and General Partner at OSS Capital based out of San Francisco, leading their US investing arm as well as global strategies. Prior to founding OSS Capital, Joseph worked at several technology companies such as Mesosphere and Enstratius.

Jackson was an athletic child who excelled at sports. He played on a local mill team and earned himself the moniker ‘Shoeless Jack’ after sometimes opting to wear stockings instead of his worn out baseball shoes during matches.

At an early age, Jackson was selected for enrollment at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Upon completing his education he graduated near the top of his class and received an active duty commission with the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division as Infantry Platoon Leader, Company Commander, and Battalion Staff Officer.

Professional Career

Joseph Jacks is the Founder and General Partner at OSS Capital, an investment fund focused exclusively on commercial open source companies. He serves as board member for OpenBB and DeSci Labs as well as possessing a master of business administration from LeTourneau University as well as being certified Educational Technology Leader – while overseeing technology services and network operations at Tyler Independent School District located in East Texas.

Though the political climate of “24” has altered since its original series ended, viewers can easily recognize Yvonne Strahovski and Gbenga Akinnagbe as variations on characters from earlier seasons – an excellent sign. Both actors bring an incredible blend of humor and gravitas to their roles.

Achievement and Honors

In 2009, Jackson’s 14-minute music video for “Thriller” became the inaugural selection to enter the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress. Additionally, several documentaries about him exist such as This Is It and more recently Leaving Neverland.

He played an integral role in pioneering HPLC, lecturing about it at American Chemical Society short courses and publishing books that helped quickly mainstream this separation technique. Additionally, his collaboration with Joe Glajch on four-solvent optimization for both reversed-phase and normal-phase chromatography served as a crucial precursor to computer-aided method development.

Joseph is the Founder and General Partner at OSS Capital. Previously, he served as an EIR at Quantum Corporation to support Rook project; founded KubeCon (an enterprise-focused Kubernetes conference) as well as Kismatic; also held positions with Mesosphere, Enstratius, TIBCO Software, and Talend in sales engineering, product, strategy or strategy capacities;

Personal Life

Joseph Jacks is the founder and general partner of OSS Capital. Additionally, he serves as board member for OpenBB and DeSci Labs while also actively engaging with KubeCon in product, engineering and governance capacities.

Jacks soon secured employment at the Boston Store and later acquired Casa del Oro building, becoming clerk there and using it as office for deputy tax collector. Later he would lend money out and accept deposits of gold dust deposits from customers.

Local rancheros took offense at his greed, placing an Indian curse upon himself and his family so that their descendants wouldn’t benefit from his actions. Because of this, he felt immense guilt throughout his lifetime. This caused him to regret all the decisions he ever made.

Net Worth

Joseph is the founding and general partner of OSS Capital, an open source software investment fund. Prior to that he held various sales, engineering, product and strategy roles at Mesosphere (now D2IQ), Enstratius (acquired by Dell Software), and TIBCO Software in sales engineering product strategy roles.

His acting credits include Five Easy Pieces, The Missouri Breaks, Easy Rider and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. In 1974 he saw his biggest movie payday with Chinatown when they paid him both a base salary of $500,000 as well as 15% of its gross earnings.

He owns an estimated $150-million art collection as well as real estate properties including his home in Los Angeles, an apartment building in Shasta County California and a beachside villa in Kailua Hawaii.

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