John Welde

John Welde

John Welde is a Major General in the United States Air Force and Vice Commander of the 9th Air Force.

He is currently stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina and oversees air operations across 20 nations within a 20-nation region.

Early Life and Education

John Welde was born on June 6, 1970 and passed away August 14, 1994 at 24 years of age.

His family hails from Massachusetts, USA.

He has two brothers and one sister. Joey Gillin and Dillon DiBattista are his older siblings.

John has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a master’s degree from the University of Kansas. Additionally, he holds a doctorate in education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Professional Career

John Welde’s professional career with J.C. Penney Company spanned 33 years, during which time he held various management roles within departments such as Merchandising, Direct Mail and Store Support.

After serving in the United States Navy, Welde began his management career at J.C. Penney, managing stores across America. His responsibilities included creating weekly circular programs, marketing initiatives and signage for national and regional print advertising campaigns.

On December 30, 2004, Welde and Charles Miles went to Donald Gilliard’s house with the intent of collecting a debt. During their argument, Welde and Miles threatened to kill Gilliard somehow or another.

Achievements and Honors

One of the many honors Welde has earned during his illustrious career is receiving the Defense Distinguished Service Medal – an award that recognizes outstanding service to the country and is presented only once to someone who demonstrates exceptional performance of duty that contributes to national security or defense of America. No wonder then that Welde feels immensely proud to have received this prestigious recognition. In addition to his numerous military accolades, Welde also stands out as a dedicated philanthropist.

Personal Life

Johnny Welde spent his childhood working with the bears in his grandfather’s circus. Now he and his wife Monica reside on a preserve in Florida with their bears, while touring America with their Grizzly Falls show.

The Weldes have a busy touring schedule, performing shows at festivals, state fairs and other events throughout the United States. Plus they’ve been featured on TV and movies alike.

Welde is working to raise funds for a natural preserve for bears in Myaka City, Fla. south of Tampa where they can roam freely.

Net Worth

John Welde’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $600 million. He descends from Captain Joseph Welde, whose land was granted by Massachusetts legislators in 1637 and later developed into present-day Roxbury and Roslindale. The family has numerous notable connections with Harvard; William Fletcher Weld, son of the founder, expanded his father’s maritime enterprise into a world-class fleet of clipper ships while investing heavily in railroads and urban real estate; Stephen Minot Weld served with distinction during the Civil War.

His daughter, actress Susan Ker Weld, is a third cousin once removed to renowned actor and governor William Gordon Weld. Additionally, she’s the great granddaughter of Gen. Stephen Minot Weld Jr.

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