John Weck

John Weck

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Early Life and Education

Early childhood is a critical period in a child’s brain development. These formative years allow children to form strong senses of self, make connections with their environment and form early friendships with people outside their immediate family circle.

Education of young children in America is a hotly debated issue. From private advocacy groups and think-tanks to universities, foundations and public policy institutions, ECEC has become an area of national policy significance that shapes its direction.

In the United States, early childhood education and care (ECEC) originated with the establishment of day nurseries and nursery schools in the 1830s to meet social needs for children from poor families. As industrialization spread throughout America during the twentieth century, ECEC services expanded to address educational as well as other developmental requirements for all young children.

Professional Career

John has over two and a half decades of global expertise in administration, operations, and finance. Currently he serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for WJE International LLC – an organization that offers project management services around the world.

He is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) and registered patent attorney who can offer both legal and technical counsel to clients. His expertise includes managing and prosecuting complex patent portfolios, drafting U.S. and foreign patent applications, as well as providing clients with patentability/FTO opinions.

He has extensive expertise leading academic research programs, working in university technology-transfer offices and advising venture capital and private equity firms on intellectual property needs of technology companies. Furthermore, he is an active member of the Association of University Technology Managers and frequently presents at national and regional AUTM conferences.

Achievements and Honors

John Weck was an esteemed innovator in the world of power systems. His research led to the invention of arrester technology and eventually lead to a standard for surge protection.

His research has been recognized with awards from multiple organizations. These include the AdvaMed Lifetime Achievement Award, State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame, and Auburn University College of Engineering’s Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame.

The AdvaMed Award is the first of its kind, honoring a senior executive who has made outstanding achievements in industry leadership, medical innovation, public engagement and corporate philanthropy. It recognizes those responsible for improving patients’ and employees’ lives while encouraging greater transparency within healthcare operations.

Personal Life

John Weck had many friends and family members living in Virginia, as well as those from Ohio and Minnesota.

He kept up a correspondence with his relatives in Germany and Ohio, particularly keeping a letter written by Charles Sohre to Philip Weck in 1908 on the letterhead of his Good Thunder, Minnesota store.

Alma Schulz, one of the family’s oldest relatives, lives near Munith, Michigan and remembers Woodlawn well – especially its boxwood in front yard and terraced garden. As a child she had access to Woodlawn mansion and now enjoys talking about it and its inhabitants at 84 years old. Alma holds great affection for members of the Weck family that lived there during her childhood years.

Net Worth

John Weck is an American filmmaker and visual effects supervisor with numerous feature film credits. He recently wrote, directed, produced the short film Edward the Damned and is in pre-production on a feature film with his wife Kristin Weckworth. Before this he worked in construction for 10 years on world-renowned buildings in London before joining Peak Projects as Project Manager in Los Angeles. When not at work John enjoys playing soccer or scuba diving with his family and dogs; estimated net worth of $1,328,250 based upon income and assets.

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