John Weasel

John Weasel

John Weasel was a man who did his best to be there for his grandchildren. He enjoyed playing golf, fishing and spending time with them.

He had a special affinity for small, endangered mammals and dedicated his career to researching black-footed ferrets and eastern spotted skunk populations. Now his new mission is studying weasels.

Early Life and Education

Weasels are carnivores, typically feeding on mice, voles, rats and rabbits. They possess an aggressive nature; they will chase their prey through holes and crevices in dense foliage or up trees and into water to escape.

They may also raid chicken coops looking for mice. Since these creatures don’t store fat, they must eat frequently.

The least weasel is one of the smallest true carnivores, yet it possesses great wisdom and courage to hunt animals four or five times its size. Additionally, it tends to stay hidden due to living underground and rarely leaving its burrow.

John’s interest in journalism stems from his family background, which includes his mother Eleanor Darnton and father Barney Darnton – both journalists. John attended Trinity Bible College and Bellevue University with an emphasis on leadership development.

Professional Career

John Weasel has been in the music industry for some time and knows his craft well. He was previously part of one of America’s renowned punk rock bands, Screeching Weasel, but recently formed Even in Blackouts, an entertaining alternative pop-punk act. He boasts an impressive list of non-musical accomplishments, from writing and staring to designing and constructing the largest building of its kind in Asbury Park. Needless to say, his efforts have been well rewarded. His career has been most rewarding when he has had the chance to make a positive difference in lives of so many. As evidenced by his book of the month title, he has extensive experience in leadership development as well as involvement in numerous church and parachurch ministries across multiple denominations.

Achievements and Honors

John served in the Air Force as a pilot and participated in the Vietnam War. Throughout his military career, John earned numerous honors including the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross and National Intelligence Medal of Achievement. Today he is an inspiring motivational speaker who shares his life lessons with audiences to help them overcome difficulties. He provides strategies on becoming resilient, authentic, and secure; plus teaches leadership techniques and team player effectiveness. John has been recognized as one of the world’s premier speakers.

John is not only a motivational speaker, but an accomplished athlete as well. Six years after having his left leg amputated, he won silver in the Paralympic long jump competition.

Personal Life

John Weasel was one of the founding pastors at Life Church (now Dream City Omaha). He has a passion for leadership development and desires to see believers freed from obstacles that would prevent them from living their lives as God intended. He and Angel have a passion for helping people transition into the next stage of their life by freeing them from sin, addiction and other obstacles that might stand in their way. They serve as leaders of Deviate Youth Ministry in Omaha, a church dedicated to encouraging young people in their spiritual growth. With two children, the couple resides in Omaha with arrangements entrusted to Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge. The family would like to express its appreciation for all of your kind words and wishes you all the best in all your endeavors.

Net Worth

John McConnell has an estimated net worth of between $5 million and $10 million. He has invested in various businesses, such as a software development firm for physicians to help them manage their practices more efficiently.

He has invested in multiple real estate projects, such as a home in Anchorage and a $6 million condo in Naples, Florida. Additionally, he has made charitable donations to his local church and school.

He has earned a reputation as an excellent investor and trader, having executed more than 12,000 transactions throughout his career. The most notable was selling 111,700 units of Worthington Industries stock on July 9th 2004 for over $2,242,936.

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