John Stiebel

John Stiebel

Discover the history of the Stiebel family in America, from John stiebel to his descendants. Discover more about this illustrious lineage by exploring this website’s resources.

Discover the legacy of Stiebel family members through their history, accolades and accomplishments.

Early Life and Education

Stiebel was born to an enslaved German Jewish father and a Jamaican housekeeper, spending his early years in Kingston attending an exclusive private school.

In 1842, Stiebel left school to pursue a career on the seas. His father provided him with money for him to purchase a schooner.

His schooner, which carried cargo between North America and South America, was lost at sea. Fortunately, he was able to resurrect his fortune through gold mining and become wealthy enough to construct Devon House.

He also donated three Mary windows to the parish church, honoring Stiebel and his wife Magdalen, who passed away in October 1892. Their tombs still stand today in the cemetery, crowned with imported granite and just as stunning today as when first laid to rest.

Professional Career

John was a drummer with an enormous drum kit and even bigger heart. He began as a junior high school snare player before making it big time. Throughout his career, John played alongside Gene Donati and Miles Stiebel as well as joining the Washington Redskins show band for several events.

He found a way to combine his passion for music with the military by enlisting in the Navy and serving during Cuba, during the Bay of Pigs invasion and Vietnam. Survived by his wife Cheryl and children Randy and Sarah, despite his hectic schedule he managed to squeeze in some quality family time.

Achievements and Honors

John stiebel was an accomplished engineer, inventor and businessman renowned for his inventive engineering techniques. This earned him a place of honor in the industry.

He was an exemplary philanthropist, providing assistance to many those in need. A member of the Knights of Columbus, he generously served as president of Kingston Chamber of Commerce.

He was an innovator in the field of information technology, leading a number of research projects and technological breakthroughs. A passionate enthusiast for innovation, he shared his knowledge with others through inventions such as the world’s first commercial computer and microprocessor smaller than a grain of rice. Most notably, millions around the world benefitted from his discoveries.

Personal Life

John Stiebel was a man of many talents and interests. He served on various committees and had an active involvement in philanthropy and community development work.

He was an accomplished artist, displaying his artwork in several renowned Los Angeles shows. Tragically, on July 17, 2014 at 86 years old, he passed away.

The Stiebel family had a distinguished legacy, both within Kingston and abroad. Despite being born to an enslaved mother and Black housekeeper, Stiebel enjoyed privilege from an early age.

His generosity made him a beloved benefactor and leader of the Kingston community, according to his granddaughter. Additionally, he was an ardent husband and father to eight children – an example for all to emulate.

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