John Skeehan

John Skeehan

John Skehan was an iconic broadcaster on RTE, radio and television for four decades, renowned for his sense of humor and optimism.

He enjoyed Theriault Family reunions, music, cooking, sports and home repairs and renovations. Furthermore, he took great pleasure in musical theater; having season tickets for years at both MSMT in Brunswick and Ogunquit Playhouse.

Early Life and Education

John was raised in Hampden and attended Hampden Academy. Upon graduating college, he taught mathematics at Bangor and Orono high schools.

He later served as Superintendent of MSAD 22 (Hampden, Newburgh and Winterport) for 14 years and spearheaded numerous improvements to both academic programs and physical facilities. Throughout this time he earned widespread praise from those within and outside of MSAD 22 for his dedication and vision.

He loved reading, music, genealogy research and the beautiful state of Maine. Family was his top priority; he never missed any of their sporting events, band or chorus concerts or piano recitals.

Professional Career

John Skeehan was an esteemed geologist at Boston College and enjoyed a distinguished career as professor. He founded the university’s Department of Geology and served as its first chairman.

His teaching and research were guided by plate tectonics, the idea that Earth’s crust is constantly shifting. He was a leader in applying this theory to understanding rock formations around the world.

Longtime member of the National Association of Geologists, he was honored with teacher of the year status in 1976.

He had a unique ability to educate non-scientists about geology and instill in them an enthusiasm for it. Many of his pupils went on to work in the oil and mining industry, while others continued their education to become academics.

He retired from Boston College in 1982 and then served as an associate professor of education at UMO, acting also as a mentor and advisor to school districts throughout Maine.

Achievements and Honors

John Skehan has achieved great success throughout his life, earning him numerous accolades and honors. As part of Railroad Earth, he has been one of the most sought-after acts on the national festival circuit for more than a decade, performing at renowned festivals like Peach Festival in Montage Mountain.

His passion for music began at an early age, when he picked up an Abbott and Costello album as a child. Later, he attended Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania to study piano.

Years later, he decided to give mandolin a try and his musical tastes quickly led him towards bluegrass music. He credits his friend who handed him the mandolin with inspiring him to give it a shot; since 2001 he’s been part of Stillwater, New Jersey-based band The Brothers from Hell.

Personal Life

John Skeehan has a loyal group of supporters that have been with him every step of the way. They were there while in prison and will continue to stand by him as he attempts to rebuild his life after spending seven years behind bars for misappropriating church funds.

Skehan developed an intimate friendship with several inmates and staff members at St. Vincent Parish in Palm Beach County, Florida during his stay there.

Michelle Donahue, a longtime member of Skehan’s support group who started blogging during his imprisonment, reported that prison staff called him “Pops.” According to Donahue, Skehan is doing well and has recovered his health after an extended prison stay.

Skehan, despite being convicted of felonies, maintains an intimate connection to his parish and continues to walk the grounds that he built from nothing over the course of four decades.

Net Worth

John Skehan is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. He is an Irish television presenter, food writer, chef, photographer and former pop singer.

He is renowned for his TV programmes, cookbooks and successful YouTube channel. He lives with his wife Sofie in Los Angeles with their two daughters.

In addition to his cooking and singing career, he was a member of the Irish band Industry. Additionally, he performed at Eurosong 2008 competition.

He is a proud father to two children, Noah and Ollie. Recently he and his wife donned formal attire to attend the nuptials of his brother John.

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