John Sincock

John Sincock – A Lifetime Achievement in Aviation

John Sincock is a renowned biologist who spent his career exploring the rain-soaked wilderness of Hawai’i with his wife Renate. Together they became known as an invaluable team that provided care for injured wildlife on the island.

One April morning in Kauai’s Alakai swamp, Jim Jacobi and he heard an evocative song that no one else had ever heard before: that of a nesting pair of Kauai’s smallest and oldest bird species: the Kauai ‘O’o.

Early Life and Education

John Sincock was born in 1928 and grew up in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. He received his education from Uniontown Public Schools before going on to earn a degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

As a biologist with US Fish and Wildlife’s Patauxent Wildlife Research Center, he spent 15+ years on Kauai when there were still birds there (early 1970s to late 1980s).

John Sincock had given J Michael Scott from the USGS a reel of 8mm movie film that he passed on to Timothy Burr who then reached out to Greg Budney and Mike Webster about transferring it and archiving it here in Media Library (ML). This clip is identical to ML Video 471756: an exciting short clip depicting an avian rescue in the tropics.

Professional Career

John Sincock has demonstrated an extraordinary capacity for innovation and skillful maneuvering through the aviation fuel industry. As CEO and owner of Avfuel, his vision has seen his business blossom from a regional distributor to one of the largest suppliers worldwide with more than 650 fueling locations worldwide. One notable feat he achieved is being the first to offer one-stop shopping for all aircraft maintenance needs.

Sincock is currently employed as Vice President of Channel Development for PureTech Systems, where his mission is to foster growth through select security system Value Added Resellers and OEMs. A dedicated family man, sincock resides with wife Sarah and son Jack in Connecticut with his team. One of his favorite aspects of working on this new job is creating an environment where everyone strives for excellence.

Achievements and Honors

Sincock, owner and president of Avfuel Corporation in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has used his entrepreneurial vision to propel the business into a global leader. Recently honored with the 2022 Kenn Ricci Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award and inducted into Living Legends of Aviation by actor John Travolta – Official Ambassador for Aviation – during the 19th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards ceremony held on January 21, 2022, Sincock will be recognized at an awards ceremony hosted by actor John Travolta on January 21, 2022.

Sincock, a successful entrepreneur, is also committed to giving back to the community through his philanthropic activities. He and his wife Sue support medical-flight and aviation-education institutions, veteran organizations and scholarships for aviators alike; additionally they established a fund at University of Michigan researchers dedicated to solving some of medicine’s toughest challenges.

Personal Life

Sincock, as founder and CEO of Avfuel, has spearheaded its growth from being a regional fuel distributor to one that serves aviation markets around the world. Nowadays, Avfuel provides comprehensive support for all aspects of aviation including refueling equipment, comprehensive training programs, aviation insurance policies and sustainability solutions.

On a personal level, Sincock is an avid birder and has dedicated himself to conserving Newell’s shearwaters (Aeshna alba) on Kauai. Together with his wife Renate, he has spent countless hours watching these birds in their natural environment – helping bring them back from near extinction.

Net Worth

37 years ago, Sincock set out to revolutionize aviation fuel distribution. His drive and vision saw Avfuel become the world’s leading provider of aviation fuels, services, training programs and insurance – now serving 149 countries as an integral part of global aviation. Avfuel also sponsors various philanthropic endeavors such as health research, medical flight education and veteran organizations; making them 2022 Living Legends of Aviation Award winners along with their founder Nicole M. Sincock who estimated net worth between $250-324K at present.

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