John Sandroni

Artist Profile – John Sandroni

John Sandroni is an artist who employs expressionistic and formal techniques to create images that cover a range of subjects. He often incorporates elements from his life experience as well as themes drawn from New York City itself.

John Sandroni is an internationally-known artist, having exhibited at numerous renowned galleries as well as in solo shows.

Early Life and Education

John Sandroni was born on November 4, 1926 in Detroit, Michigan to Amedeo Enrico and Ida Mercurio (LaFata) Santini.

His early life and education were heavily influenced by philosophers such as Rousseau, Comenius and Montessori. He had a passion for education and writing books, in addition to an affinity for music.

He had a keen interest in the psychology of education and how it can influence a child’s development. He believed that children learn best when they are actively engaged in the classroom process. Furthermore, he thought happiness for kids comes from achieving a state of flow – where they become completely immersed in what they’re doing.

Professional Career

Stan Sandroni, longtime sideline reporter and postgame interviewer for Ole Miss football, passed away Wednesday night at 64. Not only was he the star of their football field for 26 years, but his role also extended beyond just that: he also worked in other Rebel sporting events such as men’s and women’s basketball matches.

He earned multiple awards throughout his career, most notably for being Mississippi’s best sports reporter. To honor his legacy, the Department of Athletics has established the John Sandroni Award which will be presented annually since 1950 to a member of the media during their 50+ year journey in athletics. These honors will be presented during an annual awards ceremony in April 2019, hosted by former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant.

Achievements and Honors

John Sandroni is an acclaimed artist who has earned many awards and honors throughout his career. As an advocate for the underserved, his latest honor comes from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Mississippi where he was recognized as their Distinguished Alumnus of the Year.

He is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates work using sculpture, painting and performance. His artworks have been showcased at major art venues around the world and earned him recognition from Artistic Innovations Foundation (AIF) Fellow status. Additionally, AIF’s most coveted award – The AIF Prize – is given annually to one artist for their groundbreaking work; recipients range from world renowned names to lesser-known creators.

Personal Life

John Sandroni is a male artist born in 1994. His artwork has been displayed at numerous prominent galleries and museums, such as David Zwirner in New York City.

According to our records, Sandroni has performed 4 solo and 4 group shows over the past 5 years. He’s been featured at And Now in Dallas, TX and FIERMAN West (Pike St) in New York, NY.

He is believed to have been married to Katrina R Sandroni. They have a son named Christopher and reside at 2816 W Fairbanks Ave in Winter Park, FL.

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