John Salzman

John Salzman

John Salzman is a radiation oncologist in Oakland and Berkeley, CA who accepts Medicare insurance.

He earned his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine and then completed residency at Stanford University Medical Center. He is certified by the American Board of Radiology/Radiation Oncology.

He is affiliated with Sutter Health, Brown & Toland Physicians and Alta Bates Summit Medical Center – Summit Campus.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Salzman has extensive experience in the technology industry. He currently works as a Full Stack Developer for Robots and Pencils, while simultaneously serving as Student Teaching Assistant at the University of Cincinnati.

He has been employed in this field since 2021 and is responsible for providing customer quotes, customer satisfaction surveys, hardware upkeep and employee hiring.

John Salzman possesses an excellent work ethic and the capacity to finish tasks quickly and efficiently. Additionally, his sense of humor and willingness to take risks make him a valuable asset in any team.

He enjoys fishing extensively and is an active member of the Bass Pro Tour, having qualified for its Championship Round. Additionally, he has earned several awards throughout his career.

Achievements and Honors

John Salzman was a highly esteemed attorney specializing in Labor Management Law, Employment Discrimination Law and Administrative Law. He was affiliated with Matkov, Salzman, Madoff & Gunn (Chicago, Illinois) and admitted to the bar in 1973.

He was also the co-founder of Career Track Training, an adult education company he built into a large international organization producing over 3000 seminars annually. Nowadays, he travels, teaches and shares his insights on current events.

He is a graduate of Boston University and was commissioned into the Air Force in 1991. With extensive operational expertise in missile and space systems as a Minuteman III launch officer and satellite operator for National Reconnaissance Office missions, his expertise is unmatched.

Personal Life

John Salzman has an extensive background in the arts and literature. He is an award-winning novelist and nonfiction author.

Salzman’s work ranges from exquisite novels about ecstatic nuns and their crisis of faith to captivating memoirs about growing up in a Connecticut suburb. His stories are filled with raw emotion and unfailing warmth.

After graduating from Yale University, Salzman spent two years in China where he learned Chinese and developed an interest in martial arts. In his book Iron and Silk, Salzman chronicles this journey.

John Salzman had spent a long career in high-tech, and was ready to retire. However, he wanted to remain involved in the business world and served as both board member and executive in residence at Wake Forest School of Business with his wife Megan by his side. Together they were passionate supporters of this renowned school.

Net Worth

John Salzman is the co-founder and CEO of Kings Point Capital Management, a fee-based investment advisor that caters to high net worth individuals. Through this firm, Salzman strives to offer his clients a more personal, future-focused approach when it comes to conserving their wealth.

He holds that clients should understand their goals, needs, risk tolerances and effective tax rate before determining which asset classes are ideal for them. This strategy was devised at Goldman Sachs with decades of expertise behind it.

On December 22, 2020, he made the largest trade of his career: selling 8,286 units of Daily Journal Corp – worth an impressive $2.75M at that time – for over $2.75 million. Since then, he’s traded an average of 1,861 units every 12 days since.

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