John Preator

John Preator – The Next-To-Youngest of Barry and Susan Preator’s Six Children

John Preator is the youngest of Barry and Susan Preator’s six children, but his singing ability was no fluke.

He has performed internationally with David Archuletta, Christiane Noll, Karen Mason and N’kenge. Additionally he was featured as a finalist on Fox television series American Idol.

Early Life and Education

John Preator was already an enthusiastic musician and performer as a young boy, growing up in Provo, Utah and getting involved with musical theater as early as elementary school.

At five years old, he began taking piano lessons and later took private voice lessons. While still young, his mother said, he was involved in a school production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “H.M.S Pinafore”.

He went on to perform in numerous Broadway shows across America and eventually graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in music dance theatre. In 2004, he qualified as a contestant on Season 3 of American Idol but was eliminated after being shown in Group 4. Since then, he has returned to show business, performing concerts across the US.

Professional Career

John Preator’s musical and theatrical talent blossomed during his teens, leading him to numerous lead roles in local and regional productions. He earned a BFA from Brigham Young University’s music dance theater program.

After serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Preator worked in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Additionally, he appeared as one of 32 finalists on American Idol in 2004, earning himself widespread attention and notoriety.

Following his time on “Idol,” he was cast in the touring show The Forgotten Carols and later relocated to New York City where he joined Actor’s Equity Association and pursued a theater career that included both Broadway and off-Broadway productions.

Personal Life

He was raised in Provo, Utah and developed an interest in music and theater from an early age. At three years old he participated in a school production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “H.M.S. Pinafore”; shortly thereafter he began taking piano lessons at age five.

He went on to perform in theater across America after graduating from Timpview High School. At Brigham Young University, he earned a bachelor’s degree in musical dance theatre.

After graduating from BYU, he served an LDS mission and continued his involvement in the theater program there. Upon returning home, he won a spot on Fox’s “American Idol” local tryout and ultimately became one of its final 32 contestants.

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