John Pohlad

John Pohlad

John Pohlad is an entrepreneur and member of the Pohlad family. He was previously a managing director at Marquette Asset Management, and currently works as director of strategic development at Rothschild Capital Partners.

The Pohlads are renowned figures in the business world. They own multiple companies such as NorthMarq, Carousel Motor Group’s Twin Cities auto dealerships, PaR Systems, J. B. Hudson Jewelers and have an active role at Go Media.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Pohlad began his career as an astute investor in 1949 when he acquired Marquette Bank in Minneapolis. From there, he built a substantial fortune through banking, bottling, airlines and real estate ventures.

He achieved fame as owner of the Minnesota Twins in 1984, catapulting him into prominence as a major sports franchise owner. He earned a reputation as an unflappable businessman who would take risks to make profits.

Pohlad’s tenure as Twins owner was marked by controversy. He nearly sold the team to a North Carolina businessman and had to let players go in order to reduce payroll. Furthermore, he attempted to convince Minnesota state legislators to build a new stadium.

Achievements and Honors

Pohlad’s job at Roadside Attractions may not be glamorous, but he is well-versed in modern film technology. His company’s award-winning IMAX theatre in Minneapolis is the envy of many in Minnesota, and their production of Richard Gere’s “Time Out of Mind” was runner-up for Best Picture at this year’s SXSW film festival.

Pohlad has mastered the skill of financing and developing companies with an optimal balance of risk, reward, and capital. For instance, he founded River Road Entertainment which produces SXSW’s glittering Golden Gate Bridge celebration event every year. Additionally, their portfolio includes California’s largest mall, an elite golf course, a world-class science museum, as well as an exceptional aquarium.

Personal Life

Jim Pohlad is a successful entrepreneur who has been in the business sector from his early teens. He holds degrees in both accounting and economics, and has always strived to make his family business profitable.

He currently oversees the day-to-day operations of the Minnesota Twins, one of his family’s businesses. Additionally, he oversees numerous other firms located in Minneapolis.

The entrepreneur is married to Jane Pohlad and has three children: Tim, Renee and Kelly. Additionally, he is the proud papa of six grandchildren.

His father, Carl Pohlad, was a self-made billionaire and owner of the Minnesota Twins baseball team. He was renowned for being an uncompromising dealmaker who rarely garnered sympathy from fans.

Net Worth

Wealth-X estimates John Pohlad to be one of the wealthiest baseball team owners worldwide with an estimated net worth of $3.8 billion.

He is the owner of the Minnesota Twins and also owns Marquette Financial Companies, United Properties and Go Radio in Minneapolis-St Paul. Additionally, he holds stakes in River Road Entertainment and Stanton Group Holdings.

He also holds a majority stake in Pepsi Americas.

He owns an expansive real estate portfolio and serves as Chairman of Pohlad Family Investment Group, having been in this business for over three decades.

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