John Nealon

John Nealon

John Nealon is an accountant and Team Leader of Baker Tilly Advantage- Pennsylvania. His role involves ensuring Baker Tilly delivers all its capabilities and resources to its clients.

He is a graduate of Baker Tilly’s leadership development program and has been with them for over 36 years.

Early Life and Education

Nealon, a Scranton native, was raised in a family that was deeply engaged in his community. He dedicated his life to the law and career to it, serving as both judge and mentor to generations of legal professionals.

He served on both the United States Judicial Conference and Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Appointed to the federal bench by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, he continued serving until his passing last week.

Nealon was an outstanding high school quarterback and passionate chef, taking every culinary class offered. After graduation from Staples, he attended Providence College and worked at Sicilia’s restaurant while taking classes at the New England Culinary Institute.

Professional Career

Nealon is the founder of WJ Nealon Commercial Realty in Watertown, MA and an accomplished real estate expert. Additionally, he has held leadership roles within both civic and charitable organizations such as serving on the executive board of Watertown Belmont Chamber of Commerce and being a Trustee at Watertown Savings Bank.

As a partner and leader of Baker Tilly’s largest Pennsylvania accounting services practice, John has had his hands in many client meetings and engagements. Additionally, his expertise has been instrumental in pioneering several notable innovations related to financial reporting, taxation and business advisory. Among many honors and awards bestowed upon him, John was named a finalist for the firm’s most distinguished service award.

Achievements and Honors

At Saint Vincent College’s recent graduation ceremonies, several graduates were recognized for their accomplishments. Kevin Nealon ’75 received an especially noteworthy honorary doctor of humane letters degree, honoris causa.

At a ceremony that included both graduate and undergraduate awards for the School of Social Work, an alum was presented with their prize – marking the first time ever that this prize had been given to a student.

Nealon is the author of a 2003 book and former cast member on Saturday Night Live. At his 20 year career milestone celebration on April 29th, Nealon delighted the crowd with an upbeat, humorous speech about a career decision he made two decades prior. It will remain an honor in his life forever.

Personal Life

John Nealon had an active personal life. He was a well-known and esteemed businessman who owned and operated pubs in Dublin for many years.

He served as both a councillor and member of the Fine Gael party. Additionally, he enjoyed sports, with particular accolades for his cycling prowess.

Nealon ultimately decided to leave the law behind and pursue his passion for restaurant management. He opened Taco Daddy, a “fun, no rules” place with an irresistible bar.

His wife Morgan was also a restaurant professional, and together they opened Lila Rose in Stamford, Connecticut. Their business venture proved to be successful, so they later opened Fontina in Greenwich as well. Survived by their 11 children, they will be deeply missed by their family and friends alike.

Net Worth

John Nealon has amassed an enormous fortune from his comedic career. He has made a name for himself through numerous TV shows and films.

John Nealon is one of the world’s most renowned comedians, having been in this industry for 34 years. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at his net worth and earnings.

Nealon was born on November 18, 1953 in St. Louis, Missouri and is an acclaimed American standup comedian and actor.

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