John Nations

John Nations

John Nations has served as president and CEO of Bi-State Development, owner of Metro Transit since 2013. Prior to that he served as mayor of Chesterfield and had a successful legal career specializing in business development, economic development, and real estate for more than two decades.

Bi-State Development announced his resignation this autumn, effective immediately. He had been with the organization since 2010.

Early Life and Education

John Nation was born in a small Massachusetts town on October 30th 1735 and enjoyed spending his free time outdoors rather than attending school. Despite his youth, John remained healthy and content with life.

He had an aptitude for math and science, as well as being adept at working with his tools and tractors. Furthermore, his leadership abilities earned him the respect of both peers and teachers alike.

At fifteen, he won a scholarship to Harvard College and earned an A.B., also developing the ability to read road signs – something which would prove invaluable in his later career as a lawyer. Later, he wrote the book on this topic which cemented his place among America’s most renowned legal minds; heralding in a new era for American lawyers while making Bostonians proud.

Professional Career

John Nations has been a prominent land use and economic development lawyer for three decades, having negotiated public-private partnerships and deals with Presidential Cabinet Secretaries, federal agency heads, Governors, state agency heads, county leaders and municipal officials alike.

He has served three terms as Mayor of Chesterfield and eight years as President & CEO of Bi-State Development, an interstate compact agency. Under his guidance, Bi-State Development achieved unprecedented growth and success in business – including projects such as Gateway Arch, Saint Louis Downtown Airport, Metro public transportation services and excursion boats on the Mississippi River.

He currently serves as Vice President of Health Benefits and Services at the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), responsible for pharmacy, mental health, medical transportation, supplies, and various other programs. His passion lies in providing First Nation people with access to top-notch healthcare.

Achievements and Honors

John Nations is an esteemed First Nation political leader. He serves as Chief Treaty Negotiator for the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council and an elected Councilor of Tl’azt’en Nation.

His accomplishments and honors include serving on numerous boards and civic organizations throughout the years. As a leader in the 2010 transportation infrastructure campaign, he has had an immense effect on St. Louis region’s economic development.

He has been recognized as a trial lawyer leader by numerous national and international organizations, serving as past President of the National Trial Lawyers Association, Texas Trial Lawyers Association and Southern Trial Lawyers Association. Additionally, he was inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame and is an acclaimed author and speaker.

Personal Life

Sir John Nations, one of the greatest African American publishing figures in history, was a pioneering thinker on financial, spiritual and scientific topics. He published multiple books with his ideas about social and economic problems being widely discussed and respected around the globe.

Over three decades, he was a top land use and economic development lawyer in St. Louis. His clients included some of the region’s largest employers as well as numerous small businesses, helping them fulfill their commitments to St. Louis while strengthening the local economy.

He served three terms as mayor of Chesterfield and is currently a Member at Doster Ullom & Boyle, LLC.

Net Worth

John is a highly accomplished and socially engaged philanthropist. He’s collaborated with leaders throughout St. Louis, from Chesterfield to University City, advocating for transit tax increases as well as other initiatives within the city.

He is an ardent art collector, estimated to be worth up to $70 million.

Former mayor, he’s donated part of his fortune to support causes such as the Saint Louis Art Museum’s expansion and Habitat for Humanity’s homebuilding programs. Additionally, he has led nonprofits, been actively involved in politics, and served on the boards of most major cultural institutions in town.

His net worth is the result of both his charitable endeavors and investments. His family fortune is invested in Berkshire Hathaway, while he also maintains a legal practice.

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