John Nanry

John Nanry – Fast Radius’ Chief Manufacturing Officer

John Nanry is the Chief Manufacturing Officer at Fast Radius. He previously held a leadership position within McKinsey’s Digital Manufacturing Practice.

He has an extensive career in technology and engineering, having held leadership roles in industries such as aerospace, biotechnology, and high-performance materials. Additionally, he is an impact-oriented executive with a knack for finding creative solutions to difficult problems.

Early Life and Education

Education requires a special person; someone who cares deeply about others and strives to make a lasting impact on young students’ lives. The best educators are capable, dedicated and hardworking individuals with an ambition to make a significant contribution towards their students’ futures.

John Nanry had a distinguished and impactful career as an educator. His commitment to helping children learn and grow was unwavering, leaving an imprint on his students’ lives. As president of both the Board of Education and local school district, John remained actively in his community as chairman of Nazareth College’s Board of Directors. Many of his former students went on to achieve great success, becoming prominent professionals and leaders themselves.

Professional Career

John Naury is one of the founding members of Fast Radius and has played an integral role in its growth. As Chief Manufacturing and People Officer, he spearheaded efforts to develop and establish cutting-edge additive manufacturing facilities for the business.

He is additionally accountable for overseeing the company’s global supply chain, logistics and operations teams.

John Nanry is renowned for his sense of wit and sense of humor. A well-traveled executive, he enjoys life’s finer points with his wife of over ten years and proud father of four.

He enjoys golf and cooking, and when not working he can be found at either a golf course or sushi bar with his wife and two daughters.

Personal Life

John Nanry had a distinguished career as a businessman. He also had an devoted family life; married to Terry Walby and fathering three children before passing away in 1983.

According to the 1940 United States census, he lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife and 3 daughters at age 47.

He was the father of Therese Margaret “Terry” Nanry, Michael William Nanry and Thomas Edward Nanry; great-grandfather to Riley Daisey and Rowan Daisey as well as Alain Nanry, John Scott Nanry, Callan Haigh and Taron Haigh; great-greatgrandfather to Isla Kilgore too! Additionally he served as Chief Operating Officer at Grubhub from 1893 until May 1966 with a net worth estimated at $500,000. Born August 24th in 1893, his career started in May 1966 with success stories surrounding him from around the globe – making him quite an accomplished businessman!

Net Worth

John Henry is a successful businessman who made his fortune trading agricultural futures. In 1981, John W. Henry & Company was established in his small office adjacent to the airport in Irvine, California as an investment management firm.

He rapidly expanded the company by pitching his concept to some of America’s largest commodity brokerage firms. Later, he relocated his operations to larger offices at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

He owns the Boston Globe and a stake in Liverpool Football Club. Additionally, he has invested in Nascar with Roush Fenway Racing.

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