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John Myra, One of the Wealthiest Men in Grand Forks County, is Being Recognized For His Philanthropic Efforts

John Myra, one of Grand Forks County’s wealthiest men, has been recognized for his philanthropic efforts. Since its founding, the Myra Foundation has granted nearly $18 million to various charities across North Dakota.

The Foundation is managed by three trustees: Emily Montgomery, Tracy Kennedy and John Botsford.

Early Life and Education

Myra was born in Manchester, Vermont to Eben and Abigail Colby as their youngest child.

She received her education in Portage, New York and Kenosha, Wisconsin. Afterwards she taught school and served as a teacher’s aide.

In 1868 she established the Chicago Legal News, a newspaper that published opinions from state and federal courts as well as legal information. This was the first legal newspaper to be published in the Midwest.

She also supported the women’s suffrage movement. She was active in fundraising efforts for Union soldiers during the Civil War.

Professional Career

Myra’s professional career encompassed a wide array of endeavors. She taught English and speech in public schools, was one of the founding members of Delta Sigma Theta, served on the board directors for National Black Theatre Guild, was an active trustee at Second Baptist Church, and lived her faith passionately.

Throughout her career, she received numerous awards and honors, including the National Association of Black Journalists’ Woman of the Year award in 1971. Her extensive contributions to journalism include crafting the first newspaper report on President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal in which she provided in-depth profiles of many men involved with its cover-up.

Myra has extensive experience representing clients in wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment claims, as well as retaliation cases. She also defends employers against violations of Title VII, R.C. 4112, and the Fair Labor Standards Act through summary judgment or mediation.

Achievements and Honors

John Myra achieved many personal and professional milestones throughout his life. He was a leader in computer science education, an inspiring scholar who encouraged students and colleagues to reach their highest potentials.

He was an enthusiastic outdoor sportsman and dedicated steward of the land, spending many hours outdoors. Additionally, his passion extended to education about nature, wildlife, and land conservation through lectures he gave at various universities.

He served on the Board of Directors for Enfield Shaker Museum and is a Visiting Mentor at Wingspan Foundation. Additionally, he has volunteered his services to Upper Valley Land Trust by taking part in stewardship training and monitoring property under conservation easement.

Personal Life

John Myra was a hardworking blue-collar man who worked in the Dakota Territory for decades and eventually rose to become one of the region’s most prominent landowners. His business acumen allowed him to purchase land that now bears his name, while his philanthropic endeavors have benefitted many people across Grand Forks County.

His ancestors had been slaves, and he was determined to help his descendants achieve education and economic independence. Through hard work and determination, he lived a life that inspired his children to do the same.

Net Worth

John Myra is worth an impressive $1.5 billion. He made his fortune through investments in paper and packaging companies such as Rand-Whitney Group and International Forest Products.

His sports portfolio includes the New England Patriots, a professional football team he purchased for $172 million in 1994. Today it is valued at approximately $6 billion and has earned six Super Bowl rings.

He owns half of the New England Revolution Major League Soccer club. Aside from sports, he has donated millions of dollars to various causes.

Kraft is actively involved in many of his favorite causes and projects, while his devotion to his family and close friends shines through. Additionally, he has many close personal and business contacts.

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