John Mattern

John Mattern

John Mattern has extensive expertise in server and network infrastructure architecture as well as cyber security. Additionally, he holds several Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certifications across various disciplines.

He has been a ‘jack of all trades’ technically for over 10 years, enjoying solving any challenge that comes his way.

Early Life and Education

Mattern was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and grew up in a rural area. He worked at his family’s nursery while enjoying activities such as fishing and golfing with friends.

He attended Central Catholic High School in Wilkes-Barre, earning three letters and playing on the football team as a junior.

Throughout the summer, he enjoyed sailing and powerboating on Little Round Bay as well as kayaking in nearby creeks.

In addition to his baseball career, he served as a West Virginia teacher and administrator. Governor Joe Manchin appointed him to both the West Virginia University Board of Governors and Southern West Virginia Community College’s Board of Trustees.

He is survived by his wife, Gina; two children, Julia and John; as well as two sisters Margaret Glennon and Molly Penny.

Professional Career

Mattern has been a flutist for over 25 years. He has taught flute at the university level and performed as a professional flutist.

He has earned numerous accolades and distinctions, such as being named a National Certified Teacher of Music by the Music Teachers National Association. Additionally, he was featured in Tucson Flute Club recitals and masterclasses at colleges and universities throughout the Midwest.

In addition to performing, he has served as judge for the National Flute Association convention performer’s competition, orchestral masterclass and piccolo artist. Additionally, he served on their Pedagogy Committee. Furthermore, he was part of Flute Talk and The Flutist Quarterly editorial boards, writing articles about flute music and teaching methods.

Achievements and Honors

Mattern was an accomplished health care provider with a keen business sense, serving as an ophthalmologist with the U.S. Public Health Service and pioneering eye surgery programs in rural Nicaragua, India and Nigeria.

She also ventured into teaching when she joined the faculty of State University of NY at Buffalo and oversaw residents in Erie County Medical Center’s ophthalmology program. She has since been recognized for creating an exemplary medical education program.

She earned a place of honor for her accomplishments both in the classroom and community. To date, she holds numerous awards and accolades to her name – such as being named a Fellow by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and being part of the esteemed National Honor Society of Medicine. Furthermore, she was an invited speaker at numerous medical meetings and conferences; additionally, she founded a local chapter of ALA and served on its leadership committee.

Personal Life

John Mattern was a retired businessman, member of the Good Sam RV Club and avid snowbird. In his free time he enjoyed bowling, fixing up his shops and being an enthusiastic Shitzu dog owner. John was also one of the founding members of Olympia Business Association as well as being longtime owner of A-B Van and Storage and Petrolane Blue Flame Gas Services.

He worked as both a telemarketer and salesman in the auto parts industry. Furthermore, he was an active member of United Automobile and Truck Dealers Association where he served on multiple committees.

He was an accomplished pilot, having flown on commercial airlines and in the military. He is remembered for his attempts to break Wiley Post’s and Harold Gatty’s around-the-world flight record.

Net Worth

The Mars brothers have an estimated net worth of $31.5 billion. John Mars and his sister Jacqueline Badger Mars are co-owners of McLean, Virginia-based food company Mars Inc. through a private equity fund called Mars Private Capital.

Mattern, a former broker with Wells Fargo Advisors, had been considering leaving the firm’s Private Client Group due to its profit-sharing model for only top producers. To join a new channel that would enable him to charge fee-only and provide fiduciary advice for his ultra-high net worth clients, Mattern gave up deferred compensation in order to make this transition. Furthermore, he worked closely with Wells Fargo’s First Clearing during the transition so all clients’ account numbers remained intact and didn’t need to repaper any investments.

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