John Malespina

John Malespina

John Malespina is the Chief Operations Officer of RK Auto Group. He works in the Automobile Dealer industry and resides in Virginia Beach, United States.

He is a native of Italy and belongs to the Malaspina family, descended from Alessandro Malaspina who was born in Mulazzo.

Early Life and Education

Malespina was born in Mulazzo, a principality that later became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Her parents were Marquis Carlo Morello and Caterina Meli Lupi di Soragna – members of the Order of Malta. She has three siblings all still attending school today. A graduate of Seton Hall University with a Masters in Education, Malespina taught elementary school and high school students within South Orange-Maplewood School District before speaking nationally about libraries in schools as well as how technology should be integrated into classrooms. She frequently speaks at school board meetings and recently unsuccessfully ran for election to join the Board of Education.

Professional Career

As Vice President for Development, Community and Governmental Relations at Brookdale Community College, he is accountable for leading the institution’s initiatives in social justice, education and community service. He serves as a Trustee of the American Conference on Diversity and is involved in organizing the Brookdale Scholarship Ball. He was honored as a 2010 Maurice Pollak Award for Distinguished Community Service recipient and received the Diversity Champion award from South Central Jersey Regional Network of American Conference on Diversity. He currently resides in Lawrenceville with his wife Kathleen and daughter Laura. He holds both bachelor’s degrees in business from New York University and master’s in information technology from Leon Hess Business School.

Achievements and Honors

John Malespina has achieved an array of remarkable accomplishments. He is the recipient of several awards, including the Presidential Rank Award for Distinguished Executive in the Senior Executive Service and a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding public service.

He has also been inducted into the Malaspina University-College Academy of Arts and Education, an accolade given to those graduates from the college who have demonstrated exceptional personal and professional accomplishments.

Jex is especially proud of the creation of 21 new species of parasites, named after several former professors from Malaspina University-College, including Tim Goater and Dr. Allan Gibson. In addition to this achievement, Jex has published numerous scientific journal papers on this topic and received the 2007 Alumni Horizon Award.

Personal Life

John Malespina, born in Italy and later immigrating to the United States, lived a contented life. He married Margaret and they had two daughters together.

He and his family moved to North Bergen, New Jersey where he became a member of St. John the Evangelist Church and former parishioner of Holy Name Cathedral in New York City. Additionally, he coached and competed in track and field events; served on Boards for numerous organizations; also becoming an active Rotarian with Rotary Club affiliation. A graduate of Pace University, he was previously a high school teacher as well as publishing articles about education along with being an educational speaker, trainer, and presenter.

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