John Krallman

John Krallman

John Krallman was a gifted attorney with a rare combination of technical background and encyclopedic knowledge of the Clean Air Act. He was a mentor and team player to all who knew him.

John helped establish Neighbors for Clean Air, a highly credible air advocacy organization in Oregon. He was also Counsel in the Air and Radiation Law Office at EPA in Washington, where he served until his death.

Early Life and Education

John was born on January 9, 1982 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was the beloved son of John D. and Dianne Krallman of Blacksburg, Virginia; brother Kevin Krallman and his wife Anna Kramer of Monroe OR; aunts and uncles: Ken and Denise Krallman of Hamilton OH, Dean Krallman of Herminie, PA, Sid and Sherry Krallman of Norvelt, PA and Dan and Elaine Hylton of Ozark, AL.

He attended Lewis and Clark School of Law in Portland, Oregon where he was champion his second year and runner-up his third in the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition. He then interned for a year in the EPA, Boston office before returning to Portland as Counsel for Neighbors for Clean Air. After a few years he moved to Washington, DC and became an attorney in the Air and Radiation Law Office, Office of General Counsel, EPA where he worked until his death.

Professional Career

Aside from his illustrious career in corporate finance at Diamond Resorts International, Mr. Krallman was also an active member of the Oregon State University alumni community, where he was a devoted golfer and philanthropist. A true renaissance man, Mr. Krallman had a knack for spotting opportunities to grow the business while minimizing costs and was the driving force behind the nifty named Neighbors for Clean Air (NCA) organization. He was also a dedicated steward of the Oregon state tulip cultum. A Lewis & Clark Law School graduate, Mr. Krallman had the audacious honor of being a class of one in a storied alumnus.

Achievements and Honors

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Personal Life

John was an attorney with a passion for environmental law and a deep understanding of the Clean Air Act. He was a dedicated team player and mentor to many who knew him well.

A graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School, John devoted his legal career to supporting the Clean Air Act. As Counsel for Neighbors for Clean Air, he helped develop NCA into one of the most credible and respected air advocacy organizations in Oregon.

He was also a champion in the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition. He was known for his keen attention to detail and love of diving into highly technical sleuthing.

Net Worth

John krallman has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He currently lives in a residential property and has been married for 12 years. He has no children and is worth around $15-24K per year. He is a member of the Bar Association and has received several awards. He has also accumulated an extensive portfolio of shares in companies. In addition, he has an endowed fund to assist law students. He is known for his work in environmental law.

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