John Koutsouros

John Koutsouros, aka Jim, Joins Carroll Engineering Corporation As Vice President of Planning & Site Design

John Koutsouros is an experienced engineer who has been with Carroll Engineering Corporation since 2016. In his role as Vice President of Planning & Site Design, his expertise is invaluable to the firm’s success.

He is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, NJ, and DE with over two decades of experience. His specialties include all aspects of planning and site design engineering as well as stormwater management, subdivisions, grading, erosion/sediment control, NPDES permitting utility planning road layout hydraulic analysis wetland remediation technical specifications construction administration.

Early Life and Education

In their early years of life, children learn a great deal. They master basic life skills such as speaking, walking, feeding themselves and more; plus they gain insight into their environment and how best to engage with it.

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Professional Career

As an accomplished engineer, John Koutsouros (Jim) has earned himself a wide range of awards, accolades and trophies. His sterling reputation for dedication and teamwork have earned him several impressive projects such as Westrum Luxor Phoenixville Apartment Complex in Piscataway, NJ; Rutgers University Golf Course; Pender Golf Club where he’s been a member since its inception; plus, Jim is proud to be part of their alumni family. As testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence, Jim has been trusted with major corporate and philanthropic endeavors throughout his career

Achievements and Honors

John Koutsouros expresses his congratulations to the following Annunciation Parish students for their accomplishments and honors this year: George Spiro Armentani, Stacey Douris, Maria McNally (Pre-K), Anna Dalson (1st Grade), Susan Gouris (2nd-4th), Zaffie Zoubroulis (5th Grade), Jane Papacostas (6th-8th), Gregory Mariani (7th-8th) and Anthony Mariani (9th-12th). Additionally he recognized Greek School Students with promotion certificates and awards given by Fr John alongside Maria Sandilos (Level I), George Dalagelis (Levels II-IV), Dimitra Afthinou-Spilioti(Level V&VI).

Finally, we would like to extend our congratulations to the 2014 graduates of Holy Ghost Preparatory School. Their class received numerous awards from the school for their hard work and commitment to academics, athletics and service to others. We wish them all the best and will be praying for them throughout their lives.

Personal Life

John Koutsouros is a proud graduate of Penn State University and one of the founding members of Carroll Engineering – an impressive Bucks County consulting firm with an impressive staff and knack for trifecta. As Vice President and Manager for Planning & Site Design Department, his responsibilities encompass managing staff of planning and zoning professionals as well as leading major projects from concept to completion. Noted for its technological prowess and commitment to quality assurance, John has often been credited with getting Carroll Engineering back on track during recession-proofing the economy.

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