John Kolodner

John Kolodner – A Retired Music Executive With a Net Worth of $50 Million

A seasoned music industry veteran, john kolodner has worked with a range of artists and projects. He has a knack for finding and signing talent, and a dedication to helping them sustain long careers.

After a career as a band photographer, record store manager and music critic, he became a publicity executive at Atlantic Records. He exhibited excellent instincts for talent and signed acts including Foreigner, Peter Gabriel and AC/DC.

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Professional Career

Retired A&R executive John Kalodner has worked with artists across a wide spectrum of genres. His expertise covers selecting songs, producers, video directors and auxiliary musicians, supervising song arrangements, mixing, mastering, album art, marketing and merchandising.

He also makes touring decisions and determines why and where for acts to tour. He’s a trusted advisor in the studio and onstage, and his passion for his acts never diminishes.

He was Atlantic’s first West Coast Director of A&R in 1976, and brought in acts like Foreigner, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. He then moved to Geffen Records as its Head of A&R, where he signed Aerosmith and Cher among others.

Achievements and Honors

As a longtime A&R executive for Geffen Records, he was responsible for putting out some incredibly crafted albums. His contributions include selecting songs, producing, directing video production, hiring auxiliary musicians and overseeing the album’s production, marketing and merchandising.

Among other accolades, Kolodner was named a “Creator” by the National Science Foundation in 2006 and a “Distinguished Fellow” in 2010. He has also received a number of other awards including a National Institute of Health MERIT Award, the Charles S. Mott Prize from the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation, and the honor of being elected to the National Academy of Sciences (USA). Aside from his impressive list of achievements, he remains a steadfast community builder and philanthropist. He was a member of the Geffen’s senior staff for nearly 25 years, and has taught at Common Ground since its inception.

Personal Life

john kolodner’s first love in life was music, and that was one of the reasons he pursued a career in the music industry. He started off as a free lance music critic and photographer in Philadelphia, then moved to New York City and got a job at the publicity department of Atlantic Records.

He eventually became an A&R executive at Geffen Records. His work helped to revive the careers of Aerosmith and Cher, among many other acts.

When he hears his acts’ newest material, it’s a magical experience for him. He can feel their talent and belief in themselves, and knows they can sustain long musical careers.

Net Worth

John Kalodner is a retired music executive who has an estimated net worth of $50 million. He has worked on the records of Aerosmith, Shawn Colvin and Cher, among many other artists.

He doesn’t pursue the flash-in-the-pan clones that other record labels seek for their “next big thing.” Instead, he takes the time to find out about artists that have the potential to become musical icons for generations to come. He does this because he believes in their talent, knows they have a great song when they hear it and will help them get that song out there to the world.

He’s a one-of-a-kind musician-scout who always has his eyes and ears open. He’s one of the reasons why bands like Foreigner, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Peter Gabriel have all enjoyed success on his label.

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