John Knowles

Horace John Knowles

Horace John Knowles was an English illustrator renowned for his captivating depictions of Fairyland in Peeps into Fairyland as well as his biblical illustrations.

He was born on July 22, 1884 in Poplar, East London to Ebenezer and Emma Knowles as the fifth child.

Early Life and Education

Horace John was born on July 22, 1884 in Poplar, East London to Ebenezer and Emma Knowles as the fifth child. He was also older brother to Reginald Knowles.

He received his education at George Green’s School, Poplar, and designed the cover for their first school magazine. Subsequently, he pursued careers as both an illustrator and author.

In 1837, he was appointed secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education and soon after launched what would become known as the Common School Movement – an effort to guarantee that every child could receive a basic education.

He also worked to ensure parents were held responsible for their children’s attendance at public schools, believing it to be each parent’s duty to provide them with an education. His ideas still shape American culture today and continue to shape the country’s educational system.

Professional Career

Horace King was an accomplished bridge builder specializing in heavy timber frame structures. His skills earned him a reputation for excellence throughout Alabama, Georgia, and northeastern Mississippi during the mid-nineteenth century.

He and his master, John Godwin, collaborated on several major bridge-building projects during this period. These included the Girard (now Phenix City, Alabama) bridge across the Black Warrior River in 1834 and Columbus, Mississippi’s bridge in 1843.

King was freed from slavery in 1846 and went on to work as a partner with Godwin and other contractors, designing and building bridges throughout Alabama and Georgia. By 1860, he had become one of the wealthiest free African Americans in Alabama while also playing an influential role in the civil rights movement.

Achievements and Honors

Horace was an acclaimed poet renowned for his contributions to Roman literature. His works range from numerous satires and elegiac poems, to his collection of odes – all still popular today.

Throughout his lifetime, he received many honorary doctorates from several universities and was granted the Gold Medal by the Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1923.

Horace also received the National Award for Poetry in 1930. Beyond his many accomplishments, Horace will always be remembered for his unwavering dedication to family and friends.

Horace led a peaceful life in his own home on the Sabine Hills outside Rome, which he acquired later in life and used as an oasis for writing and meditation. It also served as inspiration for much of his poetry.

Personal Life

Many fraternal relationships can be challenging when brothers share each other’s fortune and interests, but that wasn’t the case with John Francis and Horace Elgin Dodge. From an early age they were virtually joined at the hip – not as rivals but as partners – working, playing and studying together with great joy.

Their father operated a machine shop in Niles, Michigan. The brothers followed him to Port Huron, Michigan in 1882 and later to Detroit where they worked at Tom Murphy’s Boiler Shop specializing in marine propulsion.

John Dodge eventually settled in Detroit with his family, where John married Ivy Hawkins – a Canadian dressmaker – and had three children. Unfortunately, Ivy succumbed to tuberculosis in 1901, so John remarried his secretary Matilda Rausch.

Net Worth

Horace John was a British former professional heavyweight boxer who won the title with TKO 10 against Hughroy Currie on March 9, 1988.

His career was marked by great success and joy. He earned numerous championship rings, cementing himself as one of the great players of its era.

He boasts a net worth of $40 million and currently serves as advisor to the president of the Chicago Bulls.

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