John Hollier

John Hollier – A Powerlifter’s Paradise

John Hollier is the owner of American Barbell Club, a powerlifters’ haven. His gym may not be showy or ostentatious, but it has a rustic charm to it.

He began exercising after serving in the army. Finding it difficult to settle into a 9-to-5 job, he sought out competitive lifting as an outlet.

Early Life and Education

Hollier’s father, a retired social worker and firefighter, instilled in him an innermost character. He taught him how to be a leader within his community by serving others.

He was elected to the Michigan State Senate in 2018 and his work includes an auto insurance overhaul and lead pipe removal.

In 2019, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and State Senator Mallory McMorrow declared his support. Additionally, local nonprofit leaders such as Portia Roberson and the Legacy Committee for Unified Leadership also gave their approval.

He is a medical doctor specializing in gastroenterology (digestive system), nutrition and hepatology (liver disease). He earned his degree from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and completed residency at UCSF Affiliated Hospitals.

Professional Career

After eight years playing for the Miami Dolphins, John Hollier decided to pursue a career in counseling. Though initially uncertain if he could give up football altogether, he soon found his niche within this field and has been happily employed ever since.

He has a variety of clinical interests and conducts research that seeks new treatments for pediatric patients with functional abdominal pain disorders. Additionally, he assists individuals dealing with failure to thrive, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

He is running for a House seat in Michigan’s newly redrawn 13th District, which encompasses Detroit and Hamtramck. He faces off against Shri Thanedar, a self-funding state lawmaker who finished third in the Democratic primary for governor last year.

Achievements and Honors

John Hollier is an accomplished musician who plays guitar for various artists on tour. Additionally, he’s a budding songwriter and plans to release his first album later this year.

He has also penned numerous literary works, such as “A New History of French Literature” in 1990. For his achievements and contributions to society, he has been honored with numerous honors.

Holy Cross College has been graced with a $1.5 million gift from Mark and Renee Hollier to establish the Robert John Hollier Presidential Scholarship, providing financial assistance to students in need. This generosity is truly amazing; it allows students to focus on their studies without worrying about money worries. Mark and Renee Hollier have always had a deep-seated passion for their alma mater, and are dedicated to making an impact through their gifts.

Personal Life

The Hollier family has a long-standing connection to Sydenham, Oxfordshire. It is possible that the Holliers who settled at Lewknor around 1788 are descended from one of these earlier families.

Up until recently, the exact origins of two main groups of Holliers in this part of Oxfordshire were uncertain. It appears likely that those arriving at Lewknor around 1788 are decedents of William and Martha Hollier who married in Deddington 1742.

Joseph, Zachariah and Robert were the children of this marriage – these are the ancestors of all Holliers living today in Bicester and South Weston.

Net Worth

John Medica is an accomplished investment manager with an estimated net worth of $23.6 million. His investments include at least 1,845 units of Dell Technologies Inc stock and have made multiple trades since 2003 – his largest being selling 542,724 shares on December 6th 2004 for over $22,669,581. Since then he has sold 22399 units on average every 168 days until his last purchase of 1,845 Dell Technology shares on February 26th 2016. With this knowledge, John’s overall net worth now stands at an impressive $23.6 million dollars; married to Chanda Rubin as well.

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