John Holderman

John Holderman

John Holderman was a journeyman electrician. He works for Henry Electric, where he earns $21 per hour.

He owns his own tools and drives a van with the Henry Electric insignia.

He also has a home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He lives with his wife Eve Marie and their two sons, Jake and Brian.

Early Life and Education

John was born on June 6, 1812, in a small log home on Olive twp soil. He grew up on the family farm and worked hard to help support his family.

His early education consisted of a literary education. He later went on to attend a United Church Seminary and was the pastor of a church in Bainville, Montana, for a number of years.

The psychological and social development reports cited in this case state that many of John’s issues center around strong dislike of school and difficulty with peer relationships.

As a result, the IEP called for placement in a special education program for 113 minutes per week and direct social work services for 30 minutes per week. The behavior plan called for a reduction in stress and improved coping skills when confronted with frustrating situations.

Professional Career

A highly accomplished trial and appellate lawyer, Judge Holderman served as Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois from 1985 to 2015. He also worked in the area of environmental law.

He resolved over 10,000 cases during his judicial career, including environmental and regulatory issues, class action litigation, and intellectual property cases. He has been a sought-after mediator in the legal community, especially for plaintiffs’ counsel and defense counsel who seek to resolve disputes effectively and efficiently.

After tearing the ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow in March, Holderman underwent Tommy John surgery on April 4. He hopes to return to the Mets’ pitching staff for their final month of the season and may find himself a role in Pittsburgh.

Achievements and Honors

Grace Holderman was an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and remained a committed member until her death. She joined in 1931 and remained loyal and committed to the sorority, Penn State, and her community.

She was an excellent student, graduating with highest honors from Girls High School and Penn State. She went on to be an Evan Pugh Scholar and a marshal for the college of education.

Judge Holderman, a member of the Illinois Bar Association, has been a JAMS certified mediator since 2015. He is highly respected for his work ethic, legal knowledge and ability to resolve disputes in a practical and efficient manner.

Personal Life

He has a wife and three children. Margie Holderman, who passed away on July 24, 1955 at age 73, is survived by her children Beth (Jon) Wood, Todd (Chris) Holderman and John (Jessica) Holderman; as well as grandchildren Sara (Jason) Zawitkowski, Carrie Stineburg, Courtney Johnson, Shauna Holderman, Trisha Holderman, Rebecca West, Samantha Williams, Lauren Wood and Justin Wood.

During his tenure as president, he used public money to shower his student interns with travel, scholarships and lavish favors. He gave them bathrobes, little gold crosses blessed by a cardinal and made sexual advances to some of his favorite students. The Charlotte Observer reported on these incidents in 1991. Several students and professors told The Observer of the advances. They said the actions were embarrassing and strange.

Net Worth

John Holderman was once the state’s highest-paid employee at about $200,000 a year. But he was forced out of his job last May because of his spending habits and his ties to the University of Southern California (USC). He brought the widow of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat to teach at USC and spent $314,000 on her tuition. He also paid for actor Robby Benson to teach at the school. But he was also accused of failing to report $25,000 in cash he received from a Dominican Republic businessman on his state income tax returns. This prompted investigations. The money was supposed to be used for research at the university, but Holderman kept it himself.

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