John Harrobin

John Harrobin

John Harrobin is an award-winning marketing executive who has worked in the wireless industry for over 18 years. He currently leads the Marketing and Strategic Partnerships team at Audible.

He previously served as Chief Marketing Officer at Verizon and has over a decade of experience growing the wireless business to over 100 million members. He is an active member of the LGBT+ community and has a passion for helping people and communities thrive.

Early Life and Education

john harrobin earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Villanova University. He later went on to complete an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He then served as a Chief Marketing Officer at Verizon Wireless. He launched new products and businesses focused on mobile advertising, mobile content, and large-scale content rights and sponsorship negotiations with all major broadcast and cable networks, music labels, celebrity talent, and sport leagues including the NHL and NFL.

After 15 years in the wireless industry, he joined Audible in 2017 as CMO. He leads the company’s Marketing and Strategic Partnerships teams and is responsible for driving business growth and expanding Audible’s brand. He has led the company’s growth turnaround, brand repositioning, and established new content marketing capabilities.

Professional Career

John Harrobin currently serves as the chief marketing officer of Audible, a company that provides audio content to customers. Prior to joining Audible, he held multiple positions at Verizon, including the role of interim CMO. He also served as the senior vice president of marketing and digital media at Verizon.

John Harrobin is a highly accomplished and award-winning marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has a strong track record in driving growth, brand repositioning and digital content marketing. He is a graduate of Villanova University and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He has received numerous accolades for his contributions to the industry, including an Outstanding Mentor Award from Advertising Women of New York and a top LGBT+ Global Ally from InVolve.

Personal Life

john harrobin has been in the marketing industry for over two decades. He is currently the VP-Advertising and Digital Media at Verizon Wireless, where he leads a team that creates content to attract customers on mobile devices. During his career, he has helped usher in a number of new technologies and pricing models to help expand the wireless market.

Audible, the Amazon-owned audio book service, recently made an interesting marketing play at the Kentucky Derby. The company hired a horse named Audible and threw a big party to celebrate the horse’s victory. Now, Audible has appointed John Harrobin and Samantha Skey to its board. Both are US-based executives and join Acast as a part of its strategic US growth plans. Harrobin and Skey will lead the company’s US marketing teams.

Net Worth

As the vice president of advertising and digital media, John Harrobin is shaping Verizon Wireless’ new content, including a multicasting service that will almost double the quality of real-time mobile video. He also oversees Audible’s marketing and business development, helping the Amazon-owned company increase its customer base through quality content.

Harrobin was a chief marketing officer at Audible and prior to that, served as senior vice president of national marketing for Verizon. A former NBC Universal executive, he has held a variety of leadership positions and has earned numerous awards for his marketing work. He has a bachelor’s degree from Villanova University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. He is a member of the American Marketing Association. He recently was appointed to the board of Acast, the world’s leading independent podcast company, and is currently chairing it.

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