John Glicksman

John Glicksman

John Glicksman has been in the executive benefits industry for over 25 years, with expertise in broad-based and supplemental benefit plan design, administration and funding.

He is an accomplished professional with excellent interpersonal abilities. He strives to assist his clients in planning for their futures, and enjoys spending time with his family.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood years, from birth to age six, are essential for learning. This period allows a child’s biological brain development and the acquisition of skills necessary for success in school, work and life.

Over the centuries, people have contributed to shaping early education and how it operates today. From John Locke’s concept of tabula rasa to Maria Montessori’s emphasis on observation and Jean Piaget and Vygotsky’s theories about cognitive development, there has been a wealth of influential contributions that have helped create this field today.

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Professional Career

John is an insightful thinker with a great personality. He enjoys connecting the dots, and collaborating with others to build strong cultures based on integrity, openness, and honesty. John enjoys taking on big challenges with enthusiasm!

He has an impressive and varied career, encompassing expertise in healthcare, technology, retail and finance. After holding various leadership roles across these industries for nearly two decades, he is now working as an independent consultant helping organizations of all sizes navigate major changes.

He was born in South Bend, Indiana and raised in Anaconda, Montana where he attended Montana Tech. Graduating with honors in Engineering Science, he pursued graduate work in petroleum engineering but ultimately chose the legal field due to his affinity for it.

Achievements and Honors

John was an amazing student-athlete from his arrival at Holy Cross to his graduation in 2007. His academic excellence was well-documented, and he earned several honors throughout his college career. He was the first captain of his class and inducted into Phi Beta Kappa fraternity.

He left us in an exemplary way, leaving behind a lasting legacy through an endowed scholarship in his name. This quintessential alumnus award will be used for scholarships that best reflect John’s interests – music, literature, history and the arts. Aptly named The John Martens Scholarship after this renowned Holy Cross alumnus, this award is presented annually to a student who possesses academic excellence plus leadership qualities plus demonstrated commitment to community service.

Personal Life

John Glicksman is a successful businessman and the former CEO of Cali Group. He also writes books on nanotechnology and technology law topics.

He enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing basketball, and hiking in his free moments.

He has an admiration for languages, especially Spanish and German, as well as travelling and enjoying world cinema.

He is married to Kimberly and they have three children. When not together on vacations, the couple loves spending quality time together as well as boating and tennis. Additionally, they have participated in several charity 5K runs for charity purposes.

Net Worth

John Glicksman is one of the world’s most successful celebrities due to his hard work and dedication.

After graduating college, he served in the Marine Corps as a rifle platoon and company commander during the Vietnam War. Additionally, he earned a Ph.D. in public policy from Tufts University before retiring from government service in 2007.

He currently resides in Boonsboro, MD and works as a financial planner with BB&T Investments. John and his wife Amy have four children and a granddaughter; when not at work John enjoys metal detecting in the field and playing golf. John volunteers as both Boy Scout leader and on several local non-profit boards; furthermore he’s an avid sports fan who enjoys watching college football games!

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