John Fishback

John Fishback

John Fishback is an American military officer renowned for his concerns regarding prisoners of war and their treatment.

He served two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, writing a letter to senator John McCain about soldiers torturing prisoners.

He achieved fame as a well-known public figure, yet he endured numerous injuries and mental difficulties.

Early Life and Education

Fishback’s early life and education were dedicated to studying the Bible, which he considered to be its most essential book. His passion for theology eventually led him into ministry where he served as both a preacher and elder at his church.

His interest in theology took a dramatic turn when he read Alexander Campbell’s response to an article written by James Stone. In it, Stone maintained that Jesus wasn’t simply our substitute for forgiveness of sins but rather an act of justice – something like paying our debt.

Despite his disagreement, he remained a staunch Unionist during the Civil War. His hope was that Congress would vote to pressure South Carolina into accepting the Crittenden compromise; however, this failed.

Professional Career

John Fishback is a landscape architect whose goal is to enhance the lives of everyday people and foster a sense of community. He applies his technical knowledge, documentation and coordination abilities to major projects like Pier 4 in Boston’s Seaport and Lever House in Manhattan, among others.

His father instilled in him the value of giving back, modeling this behavior through financial support and life advice he offered to his son Josh.

After graduating from Washington and Lee, he continued on to West Point and was commissioned as a second lieutenant. In 2001, he wed fellow West Pointer Clara Hoisington.

Achievements and Honors

John Fishback’s contributions to education and public policy are numerous. He was an intelligent, witty professor and tireless activist with the gift of making complex ideas easily digestible.

His work has earned him numerous accolades, and in 2006 Time magazine included him on their list of 100 influential people.

He was an avid user of the internet, particularly social media. In his free time he wrote articles and blogs on topics from war to politics. His most impressive accomplishment was winning a Fulbright scholarship to Sweden where he wrote a dissertation on morality in war – one of his many impressive accomplishments throughout his long career that was recognized by the Swedish government.

Personal Life

Fishback’s personal life was marked by his love for his family. He also earned a reputation for his commitment to helping others through his work.

After serving in the military, he went on to earn his doctorate of philosophy from the University of Michigan. His academic focus was just-war theory–a branch of philosophy which analyzes combatants’ behaviors according to moral principles.

As he aged, his mental health began to deteriorate. He experienced difficulty focusing and eventually developed depression.

Fishback was taking multiple medications to manage his symptoms for three months. Yet they persisted. He experienced tingling extremities, headaches and racing heartbeats throughout this time.

Net Worth

John Fishback, 73 years old and with a net worth of $5 million, has amassed his wealth through his years in the banking industry and successful investments and stock trading. As chair of the board at his family’s bank which has been around since he was 16, John has seen it through many changes over its long history; an accomplishment which fills him with pride as well as great admiration. Read more about him below.

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