John Fingland

John Fingland

John Fingland was born in Whitehorse but adopted by a family in Ottawa when he was an infant. Growing up without knowing his biological parents or any siblings, John experienced many hardships throughout his childhood.

Now 52 years old, he recalls this experience as having a profound effect on his life. It taught him the value of unconditional love and being loved by others, which have since become essential components in his relationship.

Early Life and Education

John Fingland was raised in Cochrane, Ontario and attended elementary and high school there. Additionally, he worked in the lumber industry.

He then pursued higher education, studying forestry and earning a master’s degree in environmental engineering.

Later, he joined the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and held various positions until being named Director of Southwestern Ontario Region before retiring.

He was adopted as an infant into a family in Ottawa and never knew his biological parents or siblings.

Professional Career

Fingland was an accomplished professional in the woodworking and lumber industries. He served as elected member of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association for eight years and Director of the Southwestern Ontario Region for one year.

He enjoyed painting landscapes and travelling in retirement, which he shared with his beloved wife Judith. Funeral services will be held at Westview Funeral Chapel, 709 Wonderland Road North in London on Friday, November 5, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. with a visitation period one hour prior.

John was raised in the Yukon, but adopted as an infant into a family in Ottawa. Through research, it transpired that John had been part of what is known as “The Sixties Scoop”, when federal child welfare agencies placed Indigenous children into foster homes before adopting them out to non-Indigenous families across Canada and the U.S. John soon realized that his adoption might have had something to do with it – hence why trees are named in such formal fashion.

Achievements and Honors

His career accomplishments aside, he was also renowned for his warm and witty personality. His family and friends cherished him greatly; his wife Marguerite survived him along with son John McCrea Fingland (wife Susan McMullin), daughter Susan McMullin and her husband Michael, grandson Johnny McMullin, granddaughter Sarah Fields (nee McMullin) and her husband Alex; as well as great-granddaughter Thomas Fields.

The TAPPI (The Association of Paper and Pulp Industries) annually honors his accomplishments within the industry with their TAPPI awards ceremony. Established in 1895, these prestigious honors are North America’s oldest continuous award ceremony. Of all the TAPPI awards presented each year, two are particularly coveted: Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award and Silver Medal Award.

Personal Life

John Fingland spent much of his childhood wondering who his birthmother was. At an early age, he was adopted into a family in Ottawa and raised there with other adopted siblings.

In 2005, he made the decision to seek out who his birthmother was. That day was one of his most trying moments.

He was born in Whitehorse, Yukon and adopted by a Canadian family. Growing up without knowing his parentage or whether there were siblings, he is now proud to share his story. Additionally, he comes to terms with the fact that Indigenous children were sometimes abandoned during the Sixties Scoop. Growing up in 1970s Yukon proved challenging for First Nations people.

Net Worth

John Fingland has an estimated net worth of $500 million. As an English singer-songwriter, he has amassed wealth through his many hits as well as investments in businesses and properties. Over the course of his career, John has won numerous awards and honors. Now living in London with his wife and daughter, he served as leader of opposition in Glasgow City Council until retirement.

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