John Filby

John Filby – CEO of Payment Authentication and Monitoring Solutions

John Filby has over 25 years of expertise leading, transforming and growing software businesses. Currently he serves as CEO for Outseer, a provider of payment authentication and monitoring solutions.

Prior to joining Outseer, he served as President of the Financial Services Segment at Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX), leading several FinTech acquisitions that helped transform a legacy services business into an innovative technology-based one. He also held the President position within Fiserv Inc’s Risk & Compliance Division where he introduced several transactional fraud products into circulation and helped it achieve Chartis RiskTech100 rankings of #1 North America and #4 Worldwide.

Early Life and Education

On November 7, 1943, John Philby was born under a kitchen table during an air raid in London, the son of eccentric British explorer and Arabist St John Philby – who held contempt for Britain’s ruling class.

He attended Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he studied oriental languages under Edward Granville Browne. Through his travels throughout the Middle East and Arabia, his experiences contributed to the advancement of Arab history and archaeology research.

He was a close friend of Guy Burgess, the second secretary at the British Embassy in Washington. Together with Burgess and Donald Maclean, he defected to Soviet Russia and became a KGB agent. Spying on Allied missions behind Iron Curtain earned him an heroic death.

Professional Career

As Chief Executive Officer of Outseer, a leader in payment authentication and monitoring solutions, Filby is dedicated to furthering his company’s mission to free the world from transactional fraud. Previously the CEO of Global Holdings, where he helped grow that specialty payment processor into scale success and achieved an important equity event, Filby now joins Outseer on this new journey.

In the 1960s, he ran a prosperous joinery business in north London and served in the British Army as a signal officer. While serving his country, he was assigned to an intelligence unit.

Achievements and Honors

John Filby is the CEO of Outseer, a pioneering technology company on a mission to free the world from transactional fraud. With over 25 years of experience leading and growing software businesses under his belt, John brings extensive expertise to bear.

He previously served as CEO of Global Holdings, a payment processor. Under his guidance, the business grew and reached an important milestone: an equity event.

Filby was previously President of the Financial Services Segment at Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX), leading several FinTech acquisitions that transformed a legacy services business into an advanced, technology-based enterprise. While at Fiserv, Filby introduced several transactional fraud products to market and achieved Chartis RiskTech100 rankings of #1 in North America and #4 Worldwide.

Filby lived her life serving her community with dedication. She served on the committee of the City of Hobart Eisteddfod Society and taught piano lessons passionately. Additionally, Filby founded Rosny Children’s Choir in 1965 that traveled extensively around Australia.

Personal Life

He is a clinical scientist at Congenica, an online healthcare company specializing in genomic medicine. Prior to that he worked for the NHS genomic service and completed their Scientist Training Programme.

He is the author of multiple books and a highly-regarded lecturer. Additionally, he frequently appears on television and radio programs.

Philby has an intriguing personal history. He married twice to women from different countries and eventually converted to Islam.

He served in the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) during World War II, serving as a successful counterintelligence specialist who concealed his intellectual arrogance behind an endearing stammer.

Net Worth

John Filby has recently joined Outseer as Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, he will spearhead the company’s mission to free the world from transactional fraud and build on their history of innovation. With decades of experience in financial technology industry leadership roles, Filby has earned a reputation for inspiring businesses of all sizes to scale for growth. Previously with Global Holdings – a specialty payment processor which he helped scale and lead to an important equity event – Filby brings with him his expertise on scaling businesses for success.

John Filby owned at least 18,972 units of Deluxe Corp common stock as of 13 March 2018, and traded twice during the past year – including a sale order on 15 March 2018. His largest trade was exercising 78,346 shares for $3,093,884 on July 31, 2017. Click here to view additional information about John Filby.

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