John Ficker

John Ficker

John Ficker is an industry expert in transportation. He has held various leadership roles at numerous companies.

Due to the current capacity shortage, interest in basic freight transportation has grown. As a result, some shippers have taken significant steps to reduce their drivers’ idle time.

Early Life and Education

Parents are their child’s primary educators during the early years of life. They teach them the alphabet, shapes and colors as well as how to walk, speak and feed themselves.

Children need active stimulation and socialization in order to develop. In a classroom setting, teachers help children apply what they’ve been taught from their parents while giving them an opportunity to interact with other students and adults outside their immediate environment.

Early childhood education is believed to be essential for children’s overall development and is considered one of the most significant investments a country can make, helping promote holistic development, gender equality and social cohesion.

Professional Career

Ficker is an attorney specializing in criminal, drunk driving and motor vehicle violation cases. His practice is primarily located throughout central Maryland.

He serves on the board of a Baltimore-based senior living financial firm and is widely respected for his experience as president of the National Industrial Transportation League, an organization which represents industrial transportation companies’ interests.

He is running for governor of Maryland in the upcoming primary election. His platform includes cutting the state’s sales tax to attract big businesses and capping property tax increases. Furthermore, he supports legislation that restricts trenching sewage sludge in residential zones for pipeline maintenance purposes.

Achievements and Honors

John Ficker was the executive director at Erickson Retirement Communities in Tampa for over 25 years, serving also as an executive consultant to various organizations. His passion lies in aiding individuals achieve their personal objectives.

He holds a bachelor of arts in history and urban studies from Denison University, as well as a master of arts in theology from Fuller Seminary. Currently, he teaches at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.

He is a lifespan psychologist who offers individual therapy to young adults, adolescents, and older adults. Her approach is person-centered and encompasses life adjustment support, coping skills development, aging well, grief/loss adjustment support, depression/anxiety issues, among other mental health concerns.

Personal Life

John Ficker has been an active Maryland citizen since the early ’80s, serving in local politics as a member of Montgomery County House of Delegates and running for other office in multiple elections.

He has championed causes that have garnered over 2.5 million votes in local and statewide elections. Additionally, he helped pass a ballot question that limited county executives to three consecutive terms in office.

He has extensive entrepreneurial experience, serving on several nonprofit boards and as president of the National Industrial Transportation League. As candidate for governor, his platform includes cutting the sales tax to save Marylanders money and attract big businesses to the state.

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