John Demers

John Demers – An American Attorney

John Demer is an American attorney who served as Assistant Attorney General for National Security under President Trump.

As Assistant Attorney General for National Security, he had the oversight of several cases with political overtones. One such instance involved the Justice Department’s pursuit of records from journalists and congressional Democrats as part of a leak investigation.

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Professional Career

John Demers has been an established professional in the United States for some time. With a degree in economics under his belt, John is an expert on financial security and how government policy impacts business operations.

His current role at the Justice Department involves supervising national security-related terrorism, cybercrime, trade secret theft, export control and sanctions laws. Furthermore, he spearheads the Attorney General’s China Initiative which was launched in 2018 to counter China’s persistent economic espionage, trade secret theft and hacking practices.

As head of the national security division, he has been at the epicenter of a scandal involving Justice Department pursuit of journalists’ and political opponents’ records for leak investigations. While he has announced his intention to leave at month’s end, top officials in that department have asked him to stay.

Achievements and Honors

Many of his former students have achieved fame, while a select few have made a name for themselves in both professional and personal pursuits. Demer has achieved great professional success, but he is best known for his role as leader of Cornell University’s most groundbreaking research projects, such as the Cornell Brain Initiative (CBI). The CBI is a national program designed to foster research and collaboration between scientists, engineers and academicians from all fields of higher education. Demer and his colleagues at the CBI have ambitious scientific objectives, such as creating a comprehensive database of all research conducted at the university and its tertiary partners. Through this ongoing endeavor, Demer hopes to play an influential role in inspiring the next generation of scientific discovery and enlightenment.

Personal Life

John Demers leads an adventurous personal life. He is a hardworking individual who shows love and devotion to his family.

He is an actor, writer and musician best known for his two musicals set in Texas.

When not working, he enjoys traveling and surfing. A loving family man, he does not like to share his personal details with the media.

He was appointed assistant attorney general for national security in February 2018. During his tenure, he spearheaded efforts to combat cybercrime, terrorism and espionage within the department as well as conducting foreign investment reviews and leading its China Initiative.

Net Worth

John Demers is an American attorney with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He currently serves as Assistant Attorney General in the National Security Division at the Department of Justice, having previously served as vice president and assistant general counsel at Boeing.

Recent financial disclosure from Boeing shows John Demers earned a salary of $1,890,000 and bonus of $350,000 during his time at the company. Additionally, he expects to receive between $100,000-$250,000. Prior to joining DOJ, John served as senior attorney in Boeing’s national security division. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he clerked for late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia before moving to Washington D.C. with his wife Shannon.

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