John Demarest

John Demarest

For four centuries, the Demarests of Bergen County have been active and influential citizens. John Demarest was proud to be part of such an esteemed lineage.

He dedicated himself to serving his community, serving as church organist and choir director. Additionally, he achieved great success as a lawyer.

Early Life and Education

John demarest was born in 1781 at Hackensack, New Jersey and worked as a farmer. Additionally, he served as director for the New Orleans City and Lake Railroad Company.

His family was an influential force in the community. He had five sons and four daughters.

In 1779, the Demarest family suffered greatly due to a Tory raid that destroyed most of the homes in their village. He later constructed a sandstone house on County Road that still stands today.

He was an incredible family man, dedicated to his wife and children. A kind and compassionate soul, he always made others feel special. Always willing to teach or help those in need, his loyalty was unwavering and he was beloved by all who knew him.

Professional Career

John Demarest has an impressive resume in education. As both an administrator and coach, his expertise is widely respected.

He served as the head baseball coach at La Quinta High School for 34 years and remains the winningest baseball coach in Orange County history. Additionally, he is a member of both the California High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame and National High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

He spent four years in the White House as a senior staff assistant to President George H.W. Bush and White House communications director, before founding AspenLine Reputation Strategies – a reputation management and communications consulting firm. Additionally, he has taught at Stanford University Graduate School of Business and continues to lecture there today.

Achievements and Honors

John Demarest was a well-known member of his community and for his accomplishments. He was an active participant in church activities, an accomplished composer and author, as well as the founder of Aspen Line Reputation Strategies.

He worked as a railroad engineer for many years and is considered one of the top engineers of his era. A member of the New York City Lodge of Freemasonry, he owns substantial real estate in Nyack, Rockland Co.

At 43 years old, he enlisted in the 19th Michigan Infantry. During the Fall and Winter of 1862-63, he fought alongside his 20-year-old nephew Charles H. during battles at Libby Prison (Richmond, Virginia).

Personal Life

John had an admirable sense of family, and he delighted in spending time with his friends and loved ones. John was generous with his time, never complaining about the difficulties caused by kidney disease.

He enjoyed splitting wood, sitting by a crackling fire, reading on the roof at his grandparents’ pine knotted camp and playing tennis or pickleball. Most importantly, he treasured time spent with his children and grandchildren; additionally he was an active member in his community.

Demarest was an accomplished illustrator with a knack for cartooning. His whimsical watercolor cartoons combined with humor to create captivating artwork. His love of animals was especially evident in his colorfully expressive drawings; he even illustrated several children’s books. For his efforts, Demarest received several awards.

Net Worth

John Demarest is an acclaimed movie actor with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and appeared in many popular movies, earning him nominations for an Academy Award. His most renowned roles include Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Devil and Miss Jones, as well as The Jolson Story; he’s also appeared on several television shows such as My Three Sons and My Brother Bill.

Demarest has extensive experience as a plaintiff’s attorney, handling numerous lawsuits involving sexual abuse by priests. He collaborates with organizations that support victims of such abuse as Victim Assistance Network. Furthermore, Demarest was involved in creating dossiers on wrongdoing priests.

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