John Deflumer

John Deflumer – Umpire

John deflumer is a well-known umpire who has been involved with softball, basketball and volleyball for over a decade. People in the Rotterdam area played whiffle ball to raise money for him as he battles cancer. Find out more about this incredibly talented man here!

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Achievements and Honors

John Deflumer was an umpire who was recognized for his contributions to the sports community. He has umpired or refereed baseball and softball games for more than a decade. He also served as a volunteer coach for various teams in the Rotterdam area. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and the girls of the Rotterdam Rumble softball team decided to help him out in any way they could. They held a charity whiffle ball tournament to raise funds for him. They hope that he will be able to use the money for his treatment and other expenses. The event was attended by 180 people.

Personal Life

John Deflumer was a very well-rounded person who enjoyed a full and exciting life. He was a very loving husband, father, and grandfather and had a long career in the banking industry. He also enjoyed traveling and was very social, spending time with family and friends. In his spare time, he liked to read, enjoy the outdoors, and play golf. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy, daughter Jessica, and brother Joseph.

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Net Worth

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