John Charney

John Charney

In 1961, John Charney pioneered a new theory of atmospheric storms. His calculations demonstrated that when potential vorticity is monotonic and temperatures at the ground are uniform, then an internal jet must remain stable.

He dedicated much of his time to supervising a large number of graduate students, often working together with other faculty. Despite having a light teaching load and occasionally stopping lectures to mentor his pupils, he made remarkable improvements to their progress.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

JULE CHARNEY’s professional life was marked by his vision and devotion to meteorology. He pioneered numerical weather prediction, an important achievement in twentieth-century atmospheric science.

He spearheaded international meteorological cooperation, such as the Global Atmospheric Research Program, and conducted fundamental research in cyclones and drought. A member of the National Academy of Sciences, he earned numerous awards from the American Meteorological Society.

On his return to Princeton, Charney was invited by Hungarian-born mathematician John von Neumann to join the Meteorology Group. Together they began developing a physically based numerical weather prediction method utilizing equations of motion and von Neumann’s computational techniques.

Achievements and Honors

Charney was a pioneer in the field of numerical weather prediction. He developed what is now known as the quasi-geostrophic approximation, an approach to computing large-scale motions of planetary-scale waves that set the stage for further research in meteorology.

Charney’s research also sought to explain the origin of mid-latitude cyclones. He discovered “baroclinic instability,” providing the first physical explanation for these systems’ development.

In addition to his research, Charney served as a member of the US delegation that negotiated the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982. He has also been appointed to numerous boards and commissions.

Personal Life

Charney is an actor who has starred in various TV shows. He often portrays police officers, judges, attorneys and prison wardens. Furthermore, Charney has appeared in films such as The Hospital and Network.

He has also written for television. His novel The Art Thief became a bestseller in five countries.

In 2012, former American Apparel employee Irene Morales filed a lawsuit against Charney alleging sexual harassment of her. She ultimately prevailed in court.

After years of hardship, American Apparel made an amazing comeback in 2013. That year it earned its first profit in years – but not without experiencing several setbacks along the way.

Net Worth

Leon Charney was a lawyer, political commentator and author who dedicated much of his career to understanding Middle Eastern geopolitics. He served as an adviser to president Jimmy Carter during the Camp David Accords.

But he also championed the Good Samaritan Law, which safeguards those who help those in need. This law was passed to prevent hospitals from refusing treatment to a patient out of fear of being sued.

He is a generous philanthropist, having donated $10 million to NYU Langone Medical Center for the construction of their new cardiac wing. Additionally, he serves as the main benefactor of the University of Haifa’s Leon H. Charney School of Marine Science.

He holds a large stake in American Apparel, with an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion. Unfortunately, the stock is declining rapidly and could potentially be delisted, wiping out much of his personal wealth.

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