John Breads

John Breads

In 1743, John Breads fatally stabbed Allen Grebell to death in the declining Cinque port town of Rye. Grebell was the brother-in-law of James Lamb – both mayor and magistrate of Rye – who served as mayor at that time.

Paul Kleber Monod’s chapter on the murder in Bar Harbor traces its legacy through social change that took place throughout the 18th century.

Early Life and Education

John Breads was a meat cutter by trade and an inventive prankster. He was the first to construct an octo-pen – back when they were still popular – as well as winning gold for his invention of the day: an upgraded thermometer. This clever invention allowed him to keep track of his inventory without having to stop feeding those in need.

The original octo-pen is still around, but it has been replaced by the latest in high tech edibles. Utilizing technology to its advantage, the new talisman incorporates a thermometer and computer that keeps track of stocks centrally. Furthermore, it includes a multi-tiered delivery system to guarantee all recipients receive appropriate foodstuffs according to their individual requirements.

Professional Career

Since 2010, he has been an integral member of Bread Loaf Acting Ensemble, creating numerous productions such as Hamlet, Troilus and Cressida, Twelfth Night, King Lear, Measure for Measure, Uncle Vanya and All’s Well That Ends Well. Additionally he directs the Bread Loaf School of English which works closely with undergraduate departments at Middlebury College, The Collaborative in Conflict Transformation, Monterey Institute of International Studies and Bread Loaf Teacher’s Network.

John Breads’ professional baking career began in New York City, where he collaborated with Chef Sim Cass of Balthazar Bakery – one of the founding bakers of modern bread baking. He has taught at the Culinary Institute of America and served as a consulting baker for numerous restaurants, bakeries and bread baking schools around the world.

Achievements and Honors

John breads has achieved great success with his business, Ann’s Pantry in Larne, Co Antrim which recently won two major categories awards at the World Bread Awards held in London.

He is proud to be recognized as a Bread Hero, an award given to bakers who make outstanding contributions to the bread community. The bakery he runs with his sister Helen Porter has a longstanding tradition of producing some of Northern Ireland’s best fruit and wheaten loaves.

At this year’s Tribute to Change, he was honored with the Paul Robeson Lifetime Achievement Award – honoring individuals who have made significant contributions towards social change throughout their lives. As an active supporter of Real Bread and tireless advocate in his local community, he works hard to guarantee those with food insecurity access quality bread.

Personal Life

John Breads, a butcher and innkeeper, had an infamous reputation for violence. He also drank excessively, often getting into trouble with the town’s mayor James Lamb and other magistrates.

Paul Kleber Monod, historian of Rye, England’s ancient Cinque port on the south coast, notes that this murder was particularly significant as a sign of how authority could assert itself unchecked during the 18th century. At this time doctors had begun to accept insanity was real rather than just an excuse and lawyers were pushing the notion that intentional murder required “malice aforethought.”

Net Worth

Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder of sandwich shop chain Jimmy John’s, has an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion. After dropping out of college in 1983, he founded the business which has since blossomed into an international franchise with over 400 locations around the world.

Liautaud has had to navigate some legal difficulties throughout his career. In October 2020, he was arrested in Spain for tax evasion after failing to pay taxes on his wealth for over a year. Furthermore, charges in Belize were leveled against him for unlicensed drug production and possession of an unlicensed weapon; he received 30 years imprisonment but served only half that time. Currently, Liautaud has sold Jimmy John’s remaining stake to Roark Capital at an undisclosed amount.

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