John Brayboy

John Brayboy

John Brayboy was found guilty of murdering his live-in girlfriend Simone Garrett and sentenced to forty years in prison.

On August 8, 2005, a neighbor reported hearing Brayboy and Simone engaging in argument at their home next door. Roger Brewton also confirmed seeing them argue the morning of the shooting.

Early Life and Education

John Brayboy was born in 1930 in Camden, South Carolina and raised under strict segregation. She received her education at Mather Academy – an African American boarding school founded in Camden 1867 that provided segregated housing.

She earned her undergraduate degree from Bennett College in Greensboro, one of the South’s premier institutions for African Americans. Later, she pursued a Masters at Boston College in Massachusetts.

Her research is focused on education and indigenous peoples. She has published in numerous journals and edited books, with her current book Reclaiming Indigenous Research in Higher Education recently released by Rutgers University Press. Additionally, she teaches courses related to anthropology and education; additionally, she serves as a founding member of the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good. Currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah, she continues her passion for research.

Professional Career

Brayboy’s professional career was centered around education. He taught in segregated schools and also worked as a coach. Furthermore, he was part of Jack and Jills of America, an organization which organizes social events for affluent African American youth.

He previously served as President’s Professor in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University and is Director of the Center for Indian Education and Co-Editor of Journal of American Indian Education. A Fellow of both American Educational Research Association and National Academy of Education, he has published over 95 scholarly documents and received numerous awards. With a doctorate in education from University of Pennsylvania under his belt, he specializes in higher educational leadership, teaching transformation in urban educational settings, and the impacts of neoliberalism on P-20 public education systems.

Achievements and Honors

John Brayboy was an eminent civil rights activist and school teacher from Camden, South Carolina. Born on February 23rd 1930 to a segregated family, he spent his formative years learning to advocate for social equality within society.

His father was a high school teacher and football coach; his mother June Singleton Martin worked as a librarian.

He attended Mather Academy in Camden before continuing on to Bennett College in Greensboro (Class of 1951), a school that prioritized academic excellence for African American students.

His research interests lie in indigenous knowledges, social justice and education. He has published numerous articles and book chapters as well as being a keynote speaker at national conferences and webinars. Furthermore, he serves on multiple committees and boards. Lastly, his efforts have earned him several honors such as the Ella T. Grasso Distinguished Service Award and University’s 2013 Cesar Chavez Distinguished Service Awards.

Personal Life

John Brayboy was a true family man. He had four children and an adult daughter-in-law as well as several grandkids.

One day, he was at work when his wife called and asked him to come home. Upon arriving home, he explained that he needed time to talk with her about something important.

He reported having an argument with his live-in girlfriend.

When he returned home, he was feeling uneasy and fidgeted with the phone.

Towanda Means and her boyfriend Roger Brewton could hear the argument from across their duplex.

As Towanda entered their home, she saw Brayboy returning from the other side of the house. He informed her that he and Simone had had an argument. Immediately, Towanda went to check on Simone.

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