John Branscome

John Branscome Joins Facebook As Senior Counsel for Congressional Affairs

John Branscome is the new senior counsel for Facebook’s congressional affairs team. He’s a top Democratic staffer on the Senate Commerce Committee, and is bringing a large rolodex to the social media giant.

He’s a seasoned tech policy professional who has worked across the nonprofit and private sectors. He also has deep ties to the Biden administration and could play a key role in helping Facebook disarm threats from lawmakers.

Early Life and Education

john branscome was born about 1885, lived in Newbern, Virginia with his 4 sons and 3 daughters. He died about 1977.

Despite his poverty, he pursued his education and became an acclaimed lawyer, earning a law degree from the University of Virginia. He later went on to work for the government in Washington, D.C.

He served as a senior counsel to the Senate Commerce Committee, working under ranking member Sen. Maria Cantwell, until 2012.

He is also a former FCC bureau chief and legal adviser. He has a passion for the history of education and educational equality and opportunity. He is a member of the Society of American Historians. He has authored several books. He is a qualified candidate for an open administration position on the Hill.

Professional Career

A veteran telecommunications and legal expert, Branscome is currently senior counsel on the Senate Commerce Committee. He has also served as an FCC bureau chief and legal adviser.

Facebook has hired a top congressional aide to help it ward off threats from Democratic lawmakers and the Biden administration. The company tapped John Branscome, the leading tech staffer on the Senate Commerce Committee, to join its federal policy team next month.

Branscome is the latest in a string of recent promotions to the company’s Washington staff. He will bring a hefty rolodex to the social media giant’s ranks. The company is paying him a salary that rivals those of its competitors, according to the New York Times.

Achievements and Honors

John Reuben Branscomb was 10 years older than most of the whippersnappers who graduated with him from Tennessee Medical College. Now all of those students are dead and buried, but Dr. Branscomb at age 105 still can whip out a memento and snap out an anecdote from the 70 years’ worth of accumulated books, magazines and medical literature that litter his two-story gingerbread house on a spur of the Blue Ridge in Fancy Gap, Va.

Branscomb has practiced medicine in Carroll County for 69 years. During that time, he treated some 2,600 babies, and he spent more than 200,000 miles on horseback to do it. He is reputed to be the nation’s oldest practicing physician.

Personal Life

John Branscome was a top-notch congressional staffer with close ties to Senate Commerce Committee Chair Maria Cantwell. He’s now joining Facebook, a company that regularly offers six-figure salaries to Washington aides.

He has a lengthy track record of leadership in federal policy, including serving as chief counsel and head of the Senate Commerce Committee’s telecommunications subcommittee. He also served as a lawyer at the Federal Communications Commission, where he was involved in a number of significant regulatory cases.

As a Democrat on the Senate panel, he was known for his keen knowledge of congressional affairs and his ability to get things done. Now he’s taking on a new role at Facebook, where he’ll help the company defend itself from pressures from Congress and the Biden administration.

Net Worth

John Branscome is a senior counsel on the Senate Commerce Committee, working under ranking member Maria Cantwell. He has previously served as an FCC bureau chief and legal adviser. He replaced Michael Rosenworcel on the committee in 2012.

Facebook has tapped Branscome to oversee a series of issues that have dominated the social media giant’s interactions with Congress over the past year, including privacy, political bias and the company’s liability shield known as Section 230. As a senior counsel on the Senate Commerce Committee, his ties to Cantwell and former staffers from the committee will be invaluable to Facebook’s Washington team. It is unclear whether Facebook will also hire other congressional aides. If so, it will likely put the company at odds with lawmakers in both chambers of Congress.

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