John Botsford, MD

John Botsford, MD

John Botsford is a family medicine specialist practicing in Bismarck, ND. He is affiliated with CHI St Alexius Health Bismarck and Essentia Health Walk-in Care-Bismarck Gateway.

He earned his undergraduate degree from Carroll College in Helena, Montana and went on to receive his medical degree from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine. Additionally, he is a member of both the American Medical Association and North Dakota Medical Association.

Early Life and Education

Botsford was raised in a family that valued the natural world. At Cornell University, he developed an interest in zoology and then married someone with similar ideals.

He had an affinity for music and law. Additionally, he was an active member in his community, often serving on committees and boards.

Botsford earned many honors and prestigious titles throughout his life. He is widely regarded as a pioneer of the Baptist church in South Carolina and Georgia, serving as an inspiring role model to young people.

Professional Career

Gianni Botsford Architects has a distinguished career in architecture. As director and head of design, they have completed numerous projects of various scales and types.

He also has experience in construction management. His portfolio includes projects for the University of Michigan Health System and Mount Nittany Medical Center.

He has a deep commitment to the healthcare sector, believing that high-quality facilities are essential for providing long-term benefits to society. His extensive understanding of construction systems and keen eye for detail enable him to adjust and finetune the construction process so a project is completed on schedule and within budget.

Achievements and Honors

John Botsford has been an active participant in his community. He currently serves on the Boards of Directors for multiple local nonprofits.

He is also president of the Myra Foundation, a private charitable organization that grants grants to local nonprofits. This year, they awarded $730,878 worth of grant funds to 77 area nonprofits.

According to Botsford, grants were presented to organizations throughout Grand Forks and rural communities throughout the county. These included schools, health care centers, rural development groups, social assistance organizations and arts groups.

Justice Botsford has made it her mission to promote public education. In 2000, she spearheaded the African American Scholars Program and has worked tirelessly since then to motivate students towards academic success.

Personal Life

John Botsford was an eminent writer and journalist, with articles spanning topics as diverse as Formula One racing, concert pianists and bullfighters. Additionally, he published many novels featuring crime and spy stories.

He was an ardent world traveler who loved reading and writing stories about distant places. Additionally, he had a deep-seated appreciation for music and cuisine.

He was born on November 1, 1745 in Woburn, Bedfordshire, England and experienced a difficult start to life; losing both his parents before the age of seven. For two years he lived with an aunt until moving to South Carolina in 1766.

Net Worth

John Botsford has been practicing medicine in Bismarck, North Dakota since 1993. He holds a medical license and specializes in family medicine.

Botsford has a successful medical career and also teaches agricultural co-op stock sales and management at the University of North Dakota. His father founded Botsford & Rice (1946), which he now runs; this firm was the first trading platform for co-op stock sales.

His net worth is estimated to be $3 billion, according to his public financial disclosures. However, some experts have disputed this figure and believe his true wealth could be much higher. This estimate is based on assets and liabilities as well as the value of his real estate and stock investments.

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