John Biasi

John Biasi – A Passionate and Caring Person

John Biasi was a talented softball coach who was devoted to his team. Regardless of the circumstances, he would push each player to improve.

He also spent many hours giving batting lessons to those who asked. Ultimately, his impact was felt by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Early Life and Education

The first eight years of a child’s life are a crucial time of development. Studies have shown that a child’s brain connections multiply exponentially during this time period.

During this period, a child’s relationship with parents is essential. A quality attachment formed at this age has a greater influence on a child’s cognitive and social development than their genetic background.

The early childhood education program at Northwest prepares students to create learning opportunities for children and families that ensure their wellbeing. Using child-centered and culturally sensitive coursework, students gain hands-on experience in the Phyllis and Richard Leet Center and the Horace Mann Laboratory School as well as through partnering community settings.

Professional Career

John has over 15 years of experience in a wide range of engineering and construction projects throughout the Northeast. He started as a laborer, working his way up to a superintendent on heavy highway and civil construction projects including bridges, tunnels, highways, airports and underground structures.

He graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology with honors and received a degree in Civil Engineering. He also received his Juris Doctorate from Widener University School of Law.

He is a member of Burns & McDonnell’s Governance, Risk, Cybersecurity & Compliance (GRCC) team and serves clients in the energy sector on their cybersecurity needs. He works with his clients to protect their critical infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency through security, risk management and operational technologies. He has a strong track record of providing effective solutions to complex business challenges in the energy sector.

Achievements and Honors

Biasi was a highly accomplished professional who had served in operational and product leadership roles across a number of high tech industries including LED Lighting, Wireless Mesh Networking and Semiconductor Factory Automation. He was recently appointed Chief Product Officer at Alert Innovation, a leader in grocery automation and micro fulfillment systems.

Awards of merit included the Xerox award for innovations in technology, a high school science fair project that incorporated a 3D printer and a robotic arm; the Bausch and Lomb honorary science award, a science research project involving a gamified science experiment; the best senior-sized computer, a laptop with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a Samsung LCD screen; and the most expensive coffee maker, an automatic espresso machine with built-in hot water dispenser and a microwave oven. Several students were recognized for the best overall grades, including freshmen, Jade Moio, Miranda Prayso and Reno Tarquinio; sophomores, Serena Lewis, Melissa Magyer, Anne Nehrbas, Amanda Nodianos and Justine Wickham; juniors, Carmela Biasi, Brittany Bodo, Paul DeFrances and Bryan Pierro; and seniors, Brooke Carroll, Shauna Contumelio, Joseph DuBois, Charles Keenan, Abraham Lesinski, John Linn, Brandon Llewellyn, Cierra Macon, Marissa McAllister, Gabriel Ofca, Patrick Pizzoferrato, Corinne Porter, Katrina Slivka and Evan Westlake.

Personal Life

John Biasi was a passionate and caring person who touched so many lives. He loved to make people smile and brought out the best in everyone he met.

A true leader, Biasi was a tireless coach and mentor to the NJ Gators softball team. He challenged his players to be their best. He pushed them to reach their potential and he challenged his opponents, too.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry and political science from Saint John’s University. He has a knack for video production and serves as lead video production specialist at CSB/SJU’s Kling Media Lab in the Colman Barry Creativity Center. He also serves on the Community Standards and Conduct Board at SJU and is a member of the SJU Student Government Association.

Net Worth

The net worth of John Biasi is estimated at $250-324K. He has an income of $100-124K per year. He lives in a Residential property with an estimated value of $200-249K. He has lived in this area for 11-15 Years.

He is a writer and philosopher who has published articles in several newspapers and journals. He is also the author of several books and a collection of essays. He has a master’s degree in philosophy (University of Bordeaux). He is a certified Gestalt therapist and practices hypnotherapy, oneirology and yoga nidra. He founded the first online French Freemason magazine. He has also written for numerous international magazines.

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