John Barnickel

John Barnickel

John Barnickel is the Chief Commercial Officer at Acutus Medical. He has received compensation valued at about $2,552,775 in 2020.

The following are the results of his personal finance activities for the period 10 August 2020 – 10 August 2019.

He owns over 7,300 shares of Acutus Medical stock worth $25,837. He also has sold AFIB stock worth $0.

Early Life and Education

John Barnickel was born in New York City at the midpoint of the 19th century. He worked as a cigar maker with his father before moving to Milwaukee in 1868.

Eventually, he joined Turner Hall, the famous gymnastics club in Milwaukee. He trained under world-renowned instructor/trainer George Brosius and became one of its most successful competitors.

The Barnickels also had a trucking business in Mobile. It’s unclear what led to a dispute between the father and son in October that ended in a fatal shooting.

Professional Career

About seven years before his untimely demise, testator developed a process to remove salt water from crude petroleum. A few years later, he applied for and received a patent for the process and was awarded the aforementioned award for the best in class patent. Using the process, testator partnered with nine friends (or ten if you count the one he did not) to launch the company that would become William S. Barnickel & Company, a juggernaut of the petroleum industry and a pillar of the community at large. Several generations have followed in his footsteps and the company is still going strong.

The question remains, was the aforementioned process really the star of the show? Or, if it was, is it the most important factor to consider when ranking the best in class companies.

Achievements and Honors

john barnickel has had a long and illustrious career in the accounting industry, and is proud of his achievements. Among his many accolades is an associate’s degree in business administration and a nifty little diploma in computer information systems. His impressive list of accomplishments is topped off by an exemplary record of service to his employer, as well as his family and the greater Mendota community at large. One of the more recent highlights has been his selection as a DAR & SAR Good Citizen. He has also won numerous awards and has been a regular on the honor roll.

Personal Life

John barnickel was a highly successful businessman. He founded a grocery store that was popular in the area and provided many employees with their first jobs. He also devoted his life to his family and loved ones.

He passed away on April 15, 1996 at the age of 67. He was buried in Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Alabama.

In the early 1900s, testator developed a process that removed salt water from crude petroleum. He applied for a patent on the process and was granted one. He then founded a business that eventually grew into William S. Barnickel & Company with the help of 10 close personal friends (the Associates) and little or no capital.

Net Worth

John Barnickel has a net worth of at least $25.8 thousand dollars as of 10 August 2020 based on his latest Form 4 filed with the SEC. His largest trade was buying 7,300 units of Acutus Medical stock on 10 August 2020 for $131,400.

The vast majority of his compensation came from his role as Chief Commercial Officer at Acutus Medical, Inc. He received a total base salary of $251,805 in 2020. He also earned a bonus of $207,708 and stock awards of $119,998. In addition, he was given options worth $1,972,901 and other compensation of $363. He currently lives in Mobile, Alabama with his wife and son. The couple also has a dog named Sally. Despite his modest income, he is very happy with his life.

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