John Balentine

John Balentine

John Balentine is a convicted murderer who has been on death row for 23 years. He is convicted of killing three teenagers in Amarillo, Texas on January 21, 1998.

He climbed through a window and shot 17-year-old Mark Caylor, 15-year-old Kai Brooke Geyer and 15-year-old Steven Brady Watson. He was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder.

Early Life and Education

John Balentine grew up in Arkansas. He went to school in the town of Huntsville and was a member of the high school varsity basketball team.

In 1999, he was sentenced to death for killing three teenagers in Texas. He fatally shot 17 year old Mark Caylor, 15 year old Kai Brooke Geyer and 15 year old Steven Brady Watson in January 1998 while they were sleeping inside their home.

During his prison term, Balentine worked at a printing press in Amarillo. He also travelled to New York City and the Caribbean island of St. Martin to work on several prints.

Professional Career

John Balentine is the head of Washoe County’s purchasing department. He has been in the purchasing field for more than 16 years. He is a highly respected professional, an active member of several professional purchasing organizations and has received numerous awards throughout his career.

His career began at the state of Nevada where he worked in a variety of buying positions including senior buyer. In 1992, he became Washoe County’s head of purchasing.

He has developed a reputation for being a straight shooter and appreciating his employees and their efforts. He has been a longtime member of the National Purchasing Institute and has earned a distinguished reputation among other purchasing professionals.

He has recently launched a multi-family office offering to address the human capital and administrative needs of families with assets over $100MM. He works closely with families to simplify their financial lives, reduce stress and optimize family assets.

Achievements and Honors

john balentine is a former auto mechanic and laborer who was convicted of shooting three teenagers in Amarillo, Texas, back in 1998. He was sentenced to death, but the judge was able to postpone his execution date several times.

During his career in the Navy, he commanded the escort carrier USS Long Island and the fleet carrier USS Bunker Hill during World War II. He also served as commander of the Sixth Fleet, based in Norfolk, Virginia, from 1949 to 1951.

He was a member of ASTM International’s carbon black committee for 23 years, and the rubber and rubber-like materials committee for 30. He received two awards for his contributions to the organization. These include the Jeff Melsom Distinguished Service Award for his work in the rubber industry, and a Distinguished Service award for his role on the carbon black committee.

Personal Life

john balentine was an early United States Naval Aviator who commanded the escort carrier USS Long Island and the fleet carrier USS Bunker Hill during World War II. After his service, he founded Balentine & Company, a financial advisory firm in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The firm’s staff has doubled to 35 professionals and assets under advice have increased to $2.7 billion. Maddison is active in the community and has served two terms as president of CFA Society North Carolina.

A convicted murderer in Texas, Balentine was on the verge of being executed last week when the Supreme Court halted the lethal injection. This was his third stay of execution in less than a year, and the court had already delayed an execution less than 24 hours earlier in 2009.

Net Worth

John balentine has a net worth of around $10 million. The majority of his wealth comes from trusts in the name of his dependent children.

He also owns stock in several companies, including a large investment in Portland General Electric Co., which he bought in 2019.

As for his liabilities, he has about $6 million in mortgages on rental properties and about $500,000 in undeveloped land. These liabilities keep him out of the top 50, but he remains well-off.

Like other members on this list, Alexander gained some money last year and jumped into the top half of this year’s list. The biggest reason for his rise was stock in Processed Food Corp., which he acquired two years ago for between $1 million and $5 million and now holds between $5 million and $25 million.

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