John Argue

John Argue

Argue was a leading civic figure who was instrumental in bringing the 1984 Olympic Games to Los Angeles. He also played a key role in boosting the success of a wide variety of business, community, educational and philanthropic endeavors.

In addition to his many professional accomplishments, he was a dedicated USC alumnus. He served as board chairman for five years, the first alumnus to hold that position in 20 years.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Argue was an extraordinary individual who dedicated his life to the University of Southern California. He served as chairman of the USC board of trustees and was a founding chair of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee.

He also helped countless business, community and educational organizations. A former senior partner of the Los Angeles law firm of Argue Pearson Harbison & Myers, he was named one of the “Top 100 Most Influential Attorneys in California.”

During his later years, he devoted his time to helping those with Parkinson’s disease. He developed a unique movement program that was successful in holding off the progression of PD. His students and their care partners are still grateful to him for all he did for them and the community.

Achievements and Honors

Despite his initial discomfort with Spartan life, John developed a strong sense of loyalty and respect for fellow Spartans. He especially appreciated the bond he formed with Dr. Catherine Halsey and SCPO Franklin Mendez, whom he regarded as his “mothers” and “mentors.”

A skilled strategist, he fought to take down the Covenant and save Reach from the Forerunner Dreadnought. He successfully disabled the Ark, the Covenant’s control center, disabling their Halos and preventing them from firing.

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Personal Life

In his personal life, john argue was a dedicated husband and father. He adored his family and always treated them with kindness, humility and optimism.

He was also a passionate fan of the USC Trojans and never missed an opportunity to speak up for the university. In fact, he was the first USC alumnus to serve as chairman of the board of trustees in more than two decades.

In his professional life, he was a lawyer and a director of a number of businesses. He served as a senior partner at the law firm of Argue Pearson Harbison & Myers, and was a member of numerous professional organizations. He was also a founding chairman of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee and chaired the Amateur Athletic Foundation, an organization that raised and donated funds to youth sports.

Net Worth

John Karl Fetterman has an estimated net worth of $800,000. He has earned his wealth through his career as a politician, which he has held since 2006. He currently makes $217,610 per year from his state government salary.

His net worth will grow in the future due to his high-profile position as a Pennsylvania politician. He has also produced YouTube web series “Some Good News,” which has gained millions of viewers. He also has an acting background, having studied at the National Theater Institute and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Despite his successful career, he has had some financial struggles in the past, including a divorce settlement that reportedly left him with half of his net worth. This was a difficult time for him financially, but he has since managed to overcome it.

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