John Ables

John Ables – A Well-Known Figure in the Community

John Ables is a beloved figure in his community. He embodies kindness and generosity with ease.

He was a devoted father, husband and son. Additionally, he was an excellent neighbor and friend to many.

He has been a Tehachapi resident for over 42 years, working as an electrical contractor. Recently appointed to fill a vacancy on the Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District board of directors.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

One of the more prestigious and colorful hats in his crown was that he served as the longest-standing track and field and cross country coach in Monterey County for more than two decades. His methods were somewhat antiquated, yet the results were nothing short of extraordinary; 58 boys’ and girls’ team titles were earned during his 23 years on the job at MTA (Mission Trail Athletic).

In a nutshell, he was an incredible athlete and his passion for the game was well deserved. For his unfailing dedication, he earned himself the title of Lion Tamer of Sports. Aside from his winning ways, he also dedicated time and energy towards worthwhile causes like Santa Cruz Medical Foundation, Monterey County Fair and Boys and Girls Clubs of the Greater Bay Area – to name just a few.

Achievements and Honors

John Ables, a coach at Carmel High School in Monterey County, boasts one of the longest coaching records in the area. As the only coach to have served at one school for nearly two decades, Ables holds one of Monterey County’s most illustrious credentials.

Coach Hamel had been coaching track and cross country at Carmel for more than two decades, as well as serving as an assistant football coach.

Ables has achieved great success as a coach and instructor in the sport of golf. He earned two awards as Southern Ohio PGA Teacher of the Year and has taught at some of the area’s premier facilities.

Over the course of his 50 year career, he has helped thousands of junior students realize their aspirations of playing golf. He is known for teaching with patience and dedication regardless of skill level.

Personal Life

John Ables was an incredibly kind and loving individual. He enjoyed spending time with family members at barbecues or fishing trips, making him the perfect father, husband, and son.

He also gave back to his community by volunteering at a local wrestling club, teaching youth basketball and soccer, as well as officiating games. Furthermore, he excelled academically.

Ables was a four-time region finalist and one of Centennial High School’s most decorated athletes. He finished in the top three at 145 pounds twice and advanced to two state tournaments.

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