Joey Buttafuoco Net Worth

Joey Buttafuoco is a New York auto body shop owner. He made headlines in 1992 after an affair with 16-year-old Amy Fisher ended in her shooting him in the face. For this offense he served time in prison under state statutory rape and sodomy charges.

After his incident, Buttafuoco appeared in Fox network’s Celebrity Boxing program where he was jeered during his fight and went on to win it.

Early Life and Education

Joey Buttafuoco hails from Massapequa, New York where he attended high school. Today, he is married to Mary Jo and they share two children named Paul and Jessica Buttafuoco; Joey currently owns an auto repair shop.

He first came into prominence in 1992 after his arrest for shooting Amy Fisher, whom he had an affair with, drawing massive media coverage of this event. Subsequently he served his prison sentence before moving back to California and eventually marrying Evanka Franjko in 2005.

He is blessed with an affable, charming personality, and his acting career is going very well. As an accomplished actor who understands human emotions well, his zodiac sign – Pisces – provides him with inherent creativity and empathy which enhance his performance on stage.

Professional Career

Joey Buttafuoco may have become famous for his involvement in an embarrassing tabloid scandal during the 90s; however, he has reinvented his life into that of a successful entrepreneur. Currently running an auto body shop and acting in several films including ‘The Underground Comedy Movie” and “Finding Forrester”, Buttafuoco has reinvented himself into an accomplished individual.

He has made several television appearances, such as ‘Judge Janine Pirro’ and ‘Judge Alex’; furthermore he portrayed himself in the 2015 documentary film Lord of the Freaks’.

Buttafuoco stands at 1.8 meters, boasting striking facial features and beautiful brown eyes. He also exudes warmth, making for an excellent family man; married since 2005 to Evanka Franjko with whom they share two children – son and daughter respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Joey Buttafuoco has become well-known for his film and television appearances, such as in ‘False Reality’, ‘Operation Repo: The Movie’, ‘Mafia Movie Madness’, ‘Son of the Beach’, ‘Finding Forrester’, ‘The Underground Comedy Movie’ and ‘Perversions of Science’ among others. Additionally he participated in Celebrity Boxing competitions and appeared as guests on various late night talk show programs.

Buttafuoco first gained attention after his affair with Amy Fisher, followed by her shooting of Buttafuoco’s wife. This event garnered widespread media coverage.

Buttafuoco has upheld his integrity despite the scandal, continuing his work and showing signs of growth and reflection in recent years. A proud American, born and raised in Massapequa, New York. Currently he resides on Long Island with Evanka Franjko as his second wife.

Personal Life

Joey Buttafuoco has made headlines several times for his personal life and actions in 2002 when he entered the ring to participate in Celebrity Boxing reality TV show and won against female pro wrestler Joanie “Chyna” Laurer in an exhibition fight. Although some in the audience booed at him during this fight, but ultimately managed to beat her and win her fight on that episode of the reality series.

His affair with 16-year-old Amy Fisher and subsequent shooting of Mary Jo Buttafuoco gained him extensive media attention and created him into something of a minor celebrity. For his crime – and subsequent conviction of it for statutory rape and sodomy – he served time in prison before marrying Evanka Franjko and having two children. Due to this controversial past he is often featured on late night talk shows as well as media outlets; additionally he has appeared in various films and television shows as well.

Net Worth

Buttafuoco became a hot topic on late-night talk shows after his affair with a minor led to legal complications; consequently he was eventually charged and found guilty of statutory rape in 1992.

Buttafuoco also had other legal troubles, including being arrested in an auto insurance fraud sting operation. These issues suggest he still has many legal matters in his life to overcome.

California Collision, his main source of income, may be his main source of revenue, although he has also appeared in movies and TV shows as a part-owner. Paul Buttafuoco is his son while Jessica Buttafuoco is his daughter – both are single at present; but both possess charm that have won fans worldwide.

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