Joe Hardy Net Worth

Entrepreneur David Hay earned his wealth through successful business ventures and investments. Additionally, he made substantial donations to various philanthropic initiatives which further contributed to his net worth.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Hardy Hayes worked at Hardy & Hayes as a salesman to pay for his industrial engineering degree at the University of Pittsburgh.

Early Life and Education

Joseph Alexander Hardy was born January 7, 1923 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to parents who worked as jewelers. To pay his way through University of Pittsburgh with a major in Industrial Engineering.

He launched his career in 1956 when he and two of his younger brothers opened a cash-and-carry lumber yard in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania. From there he transformed it into one of the country’s leading building materials suppliers – now known as 84 Lumber Company.

Hardy was also active in philanthropy, contributing to various charitable organizations through donations of time or money and holding trustee positions at Washington & Jefferson College and University of Pittsburgh. Hardy lived a full life before passing away at 100 on November 18, 2023 – his private life made headlines when he divorced Dorothy after 51 years of marriage and married Debra Maley his secretary aged 26.

Professional Career

Joe Hardy found success through 84 Lumber, one of the nation’s premier building material suppliers. Starting as an eighty four store in Pennsylvania back in 1956 with two brothers, today there are over 250 locations nationwide that generate billions in annual revenues.

He is also an established real estate investor and founder of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, an exclusive resort located in Farmington, Fayette County Pennsylvania and featuring a hotel, golf course designed by Pete Dye, restaurants, spa and a restaurant.

Hardy is known for his frugal lifestyle and prefers investing his wealth in his businesses and charitable initiatives rather than spending it extravagantly on extravagant luxuries. Additionally, he serves as trustee at Washington and Jefferson College and the University of Pittsburgh and is married to Jodi Santella Williams with whom he shares one child named JJ Alexander Hardy.

Achievement and Honors

Joseph Hardy is a self-made billionaire who gained success through founding and running the 84 Lumber Company, which has grown into one of the three top home improvement franchises nationwide. Additionally, Hardy has made headlines through his charitable endeavors.

His parents were jeweler parents, and he earned an industrial engineering degree at University of Pittsburgh by working door-to-door salesman jobs to pay his way. Over his career he was honored with many honors and accolades such as Entrepreneur of the Year by Venture Magazine; additionally Washington & Jefferson College awarded him with an honorary law degree; he now sits on their board of trustees;

He has been married twice, first to Dorothy who gave him two children; their subsequent short marriage with Debra ended in divorce; he currently resides with Jodi Santella Williams and their son JJ Alexander is living together as one family unit.

Personal Life

Joe Hardy has long been recognized as an active philanthropist, having donated millions to various charitable organizations and benefiting many people and communities as a result of his donations – increasing both his wealth and fame further still.

In 1987, he purchased land to establish Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania. This luxurious resort includes hotels, golf courses, and other facilities such as Lady Luck Casino at Nemacolin.

He is father to five children from his first marriage with Dorothy, two from Debra, and briefly married 22-year-old Kristin Georgi, an employee at Nemacolin Woodlands spa at that time, before they separated in 2007.

Hardy is renowned for hosting parties at his estate, hosting concerts by Bette Midler and Christina Aguilera as well as other notable artists. Additionally, he serves as the heir apparent of his family’s business empire while having many grandchildren of his own.

Net Worth

Joe Hardy is a prolific American businessman who has amassed an immense fortune through various entrepreneurial ventures. He founded one of the nation’s most prominent building materials suppliers 84 Lumber and also owns Nemacolin Woodlands Resort; today his fortune is estimated at over one billion dollars.

He is widely known for his charitable giving and has donated generously to various organizations and charities across the nation. This generosity has further added to both his wealth and reputation.

He has been married four times and shares five children from each relationship. His first union with Dorothy lasted over 50 years, producing two offspring. Later he wed Debra and they produced another two children. Now he shares one with Jodi Santella Williams; together they share one son.

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