Jin Sheehan

Jin Sheehan and Shane Mosley

Sheehan hails from San Francisco with both Korean and Irish parentage and was raised in Chinatown’s surrounding neighborhood, attending various schools within it.

Sheehan’s syndrome patients had significantly lower serum sodium, potassium, ionized calcium magnesium and inorganic phosphate concentrations than controls, suggesting an electrolyte imbalance which may contribute to anterior pituitary hormone deficiency.

About Jin Sheehan

Sheehan’s work in medical education spans an array of clinical and educational topics. Her special areas of interest are developing the next generation of medical educators, creating interactive sessions that engage learners, and encouraging active learning environments.

Professionally and nonprofessionally, she is active in numerous professional and nonprofit organizations. She serves on the board of directors for Make-A-Wish Minnesota as an executive committee member of Chad Greenway’s Lead the Way Foundation; in addition, she serves as trustee for Mower County United Way, member of Austin Country Club and active supporter of arts initiatives.

Sheehan hails from San Francisco and was raised in a family with both Irish and Asian roots; her father owned a ladies hat shop while her mother taught dance lessons. They raised two children together and currently reside there with Heinz Gerd Oidtmann as husbands; in 2015 they published Fallen Men which explored faith and spirituality within modern life.

Shane Mosley’s Wife

Jin Mosley is an invaluable ally to her husband Shane Mosley and should do everything she can to assist in his fights. I don’t mind if she chooses not to speak to certain writers – that should be her decision and I respect that completely; fighters do not always have time to read every article written about them and their wives should take care of this for them.

She claims she was never married to Dwivedi during her marriage with Mosley and therefore he never knew of their affair while together. In response to Mosley’s defamatory statements against her, she is seeking a seven-figure award from him as compensation.

She alleges Mosley made false allegations during two media interviews when he claimed she was a bigamist and demanded a vasectomy as part of their divorce agreement, only discovering years after that she once worked as a stripper.

Shane Mosley’s Lawyer

Shane Mosley has never been one to sit idly by and watch other boxers make money in the ring, which is one of the reasons he remains active and why fans love him so much.

Mosley doesn’t believe his legal team should simply stand idly by while his legal issues worsen. In what could make for great reality TV viewing, Mosley claims his former wife Jin had been cheating from Day 1.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr is currently seeking to freeze assets Jin received as part of their divorce settlement, according to legal documents found by his attorneys proving her prior marriage didn’t finalize until 2006.

Documents do not specifically explain why Mosley and Jin’s first divorce did not become final, though personal circumstances could be one of several contributing factors. They wed in 2002 and he is currently seeking back his share of their $6 Million settlement that she received upon their separation – this case has been ongoing for over one year now.

Shane Mosley’s Response

Jin Sheehan, Shane Mosley’s wife, does not sit passively by as her husband leads his career path. Instead, she plays an integral part in many business decisions made regarding his career – often taking initiative herself when necessary and raising eyebrows wherever necessary.

TMZ Sports reports that in November 2015 Jin filed a defamation suit against Mosley alleging he misled the public into believing she was legally married to someone else when they married in 2002. Her divorce with Sanjay Dwivedi wasn’t finalized until two years after marrying Mosley in 2002.

Mosley will face an immense test in his rematch against Winky Wright, as any loss would place his career and status within the talented 154 pound division in jeopardy. Although some writers may feel frustrated that he has chosen not to speak with them about this bout, they must remember it is his choice and if pressure from his wife is forcing his hand then so be it.

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